Ebay : an game the Lord of the Rings the Two Towers on PS2 sold 7000$

The rare items can reach prices crazy ! A game PS2 the Lord of The Rings : the Two Towers is currently sold for$ 7000 on Ebay. Why this price ? Because of a printing error on the cover makes the object unique. We review the trailer of the game for a small moment of nostalgia.

A small mistake can make a unique product. It is the case of this copy of the game the Lord of The Rings : The Two Towers , which is currently for sale on Ebay. In 2002, EA Games came out the game the Lord of The Rings : The Two Towers at the same time as the film. During the sale, some copies of the game have been the victim of a printing error. This is not a problem of text or image, but a color problem. The cover of the game has not been printed in the good way that gives it color fades. A problem which was not so dérageant at the time of exit, because the inside game was the same, but this feature makes it unique today.

The little lucky ones who have managed to get their hands on a copy which has been the victim of a printing error, hold a collection object. It is so rare to be able to get one, that a seller is allowed to sell his copy 7000$ on Ebay.

If you are a collector, the seller is currently a 5% discount which lowers the price to 6700$. It will also require you to pay the sum of$ 46 for delivery directly to your home. When we love we doesn’t count, but then to spend 7000$ just for a cover, it really must be a big fan.

If you want to clear your stock, it is here that it happens.

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