Ebola in DRC: 41 deaths, the use of a new molecule

A total of 41 deaths related to the new outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever have been recorded in the north-east of the democratic Republic of the Congo, said on Tuesday the world Health Organization (WHO) and health authorities in the drc. “Has the date of 13 August, there was a total of 41 deaths,” said a spokesman for the WHO during a point-release at the headquarters in Geneva. “There are 41 deaths, including 14 confirmed,” has also indicated to the AFP a spokesperson of the congolese ministry of Health.

The confirmed cases have tested positive in the laboratory from samples on the sick, says the ministry. Probable cases are often deaths already recorded, for which it has not been possible to make tests. “A total of 57 cases of haemorrhagic fever have been reported in the region of Beni, according to the congolese ministry of Health, which speaks of the “30 cases of confirmed and 27 probable”.

“The first therapeutic molecule against the virus.”

For the first time since the outbreak was announced on the 1st of August, a death has been registered outside of the province of North Kivu, in the neighboring province of Ituri, according to this same source. The medical teams to Beni and Mangina, the epicenter of the epidemic, “have begun to use the therapeutic molecule Mab114 in the framework of the treatment of the sick”, say the health authorities of the congo.


It is “the first therapeutic molecule against the virus to be used in the context of an outbreak of Ebola active in the DRC,” he said. He is the tenth Ebola epidemic on the floor congolese since 1976. “This is the first time that the disease affects an area very populated and in a situation of intense conflict,” is concerned about the WHO in a press release.

“WHO calls for safe and unhindered access of all actors involved in the response to this epidemic to serve all populations affected,” said its director general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, at the end of a field visit.

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