Edinburgh nightclub meme pair who unwittingly went viral reveal the truth behind THAT hilarious picture

A PAIR of partygoers who unwittingly went viral this week have been identified – and revealed what was really going on when THAT picture was taken.

The hilarious snap showed a man shouting into a bored-looking woman’s ear during a night out at a student event in Glasgow club Bourbon.

The hilarious ‘relatable’ nightclub pic from Milk Tuesdays has sent the internet into a frenzy

They’ve now been revealed as old school pals Lucia Gorman, 18, and Patrick Ritchie, also 18, who hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Neither can remember the exact conversation, but Lucia admits she was ready to go home and “wasn’t having any of it”.

The Strathclyde University student told Newsbeat: “I don’t know what he said but I know I definitely wasn’t having any of it.

“I feel like it was probably the end of the night and I was definitely ready for my bed.

Milk pic
Alex Hall congratulated the Edinburgh nightclub for capturing the moment
Facebook / Alex Hall

“I probably just thought, ‘I’ll nod at anything at this point’.”

She said that even her grandparents had seen the photo, but added: “It’s all pretty funny to be honest.”

Meanwhile, Patrick joked: “That doesn’t look good for me, does it?”

He added: “You obviously can’t hear people in these places so you speak to them like that all the time.”

Some of the potential captions were hilarious
This one went viral with thousands of shares

Both admit they had no idea the priceless moment had been shared all around the world, so far with more than 12,000 shares on the original post alone.

Patrick – who is single – told Capital FM: “It’s weird, my cousin told me it made it onto some Facebook page in Australia which is mental.

“[Lucia] was one of my pals from school so she was probably fed up – she looks it as well. We get on she’s good fun.

“I’m so surprised because it was just quite standard, what’s the big deal.”

Reddit comments
Reddit users came up with some amazing suggestions for what the man is saying
Reddit comments
The jokes keep coming on the ‘Casual UK’ Reddit forum
Reddit comments
The original post now has hundreds of hysterical comments

Reddit comments

He also said he probably wouldn’t have worn that shirt if he knew he was going to go viral.

While Lucia says she wished she would’ve invested in some better fake tan.

She said: “What I should have learnt, actually, is to scrub my tan properly, because if you zoom into the photo I have this rash on my neck and the tan is on that, and everyone is commenting like her tan’s awful.”

Facebook user Alex Hall was among the first to share the snap and captioned it: “The most relatable nightclub photo in the history of the art”.

Various Jams
@VRSJMS suggested that the man was giving a particularly tedious history lecture
Twitter / @VRSJMS

And punters clearly agree with his description, with more than 21,000 people liking his post and more than 12,000 sharing it.

And others – desperate to know what the man is saying – started coming up with their own hilarious suggestions.

Social media user @MattCleland96 suggested he was asking about the furry accessory she’s got in her hand.

He thinks the man is saying: “How’d they let you in wae a hedgehog?”

And others have obviously spotted the spiky animal in her outfit as his tweet racked up more than 44,000 likes and around 9,000 retweets in less than a day.

One person, using the handle@RFBorthwick, thinks the man is trying to convince the woman he’s a pro footballer.

He suggests he’s saying: “Am not a weirdo, ah (sic) actual play for Motherwell”.

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