Elizabeth Warren unveils plan diverting Trump’s ‘racist wall’ funds to coronavirus work as Democrat’s campaign flounders

DEMOCRATIC presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has pledged to take all funds from President Trump’s “racist” border wall and use them to tackle the growing threat of the coronavirus.

Warren, a senator for Massachusetts, said she would take “every dime” of Trump’s border wall funding and use it against the escalating threat of the disease, which had it first case in the U.S. of “unknown origin” this week.


Senator Elizabeth Warren said she would use all funds proposed for President Trump’s ‘racist’ border wall to tackle the coronavirus[/caption]

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Warren said she would take ‘every dime’ of fund to use to combat the virus, which had it’s first case of unknown origin in the U.S. this week[/caption]

The senator made the remarks during a CNN town hall interview in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday evening.

South Carolina will play host to the next democratic primary contest, with Warren currently finding herself in a precarious position, having failed to win any of the previous primaries.

Warren, 70, said: “I’m going to be introducing a plan tomorrow to take every dime that the President is now spending on his racist wall at the southern border and divert it to work on the coronavirus.”

The presidential hopeful also took aim at Vice President Mike Pence during the discussion, after he was announced by Trump to lead the effort against the virus.

Warren added: “Do keep in mind that this Vice President has dealt with a public health emergency before — in Indiana. And what was his approach? To put politics over science and let a serious virus expand in his state and cost people lives.”

These comments were in reference to Pence’s time as governor of Indiana, where he took time approving a needle exchange program that was aimed at stopping the spread of HIV in a rural county.

As a result, the outbreak spread and at least 200 people were infected, reports claim.

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President Trump issues a statement about the progress of the coronavirus on Wednesday evening, announcing Vice President Mike Pence oversee prevention efforts[/caption]

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Pence, pictured left, also came under fire from Sen. Warren, who targeted his record with previous health emergencies[/caption]


San Francisco issued a state of emergency because of the ideas on Wednesday[/caption]

Warren’s comments come just days before Saturday’s democratic primary in South Carolina, as well as March 3’s Super Tuesday, which will see 14 states vote for their democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential race.

Warren currently stands forth in the Democratic Party’s standings, having collected eight of the 100 pledged delegates.

With a strong performance in South Carolina and Super Tuesday acting as a propellant to the party’s nomination, Warren currently stands 27 points behind Joe Biden in South Carolina, according to a Clemson University poll.


During Wednesday’s discussion, Warren also took on the gun industry, white supremacists and tobacco companies.

The Massachusetts senator was questioned by Rev. Eric Manning, the pastor of Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church, where nine African-Americans were killed by a white supremacist in 2015.

Asked what her response would be to the families of the tragedy, Warren said that her government would “aggressively pursue white supremacists and the we will bring them to justice.”

She added: “I also believe that we have to redouble or efforts on gun violence. And as you know more than anyone, gun violence is an issue of mass shootings.”


Speaking of the gun industry, the senator – who currently stands third in the democratic primaries – said she would address gun violence as if it were a “pubic health emergency.”

Warren also said she would go after gun dealers to combat the problem, as, she believes, “it’s a handful of dealers and people who show up at gun shows who are getting most of the guns into circulation.”

And it wasn’t just the gun industry the senator took aim at – it was the tobacco industry, too.

Warren said the industry is rife with “corruption” and that she would focus on a “tobacco industry that still calling the shots too often in Washington.”

She said: “So, this is my commitment, it’s my commitment across the board. I don’t owe anything to the tobacco industry. Or the drug industry. Or the prison industrial complex. We can go through the list.


“But on yours specifically, I want to see an FDA that is science based. That is research based. And they make recommendations and they make regulations that our based on that science and nothing else.

“I will have a head of the FDA who believes in science. And then I will back that person up 100%. I don’t care about the political pressure from the outside.”

Her campaign and the race to the White House, Warren said, had been a culmination of her “life’s work.”


Warren, shown speaking at an event earlier Wednesday, now heads into the South Carolina primaries and Super Tuesday in forth place[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the current frontrunner for the democratic presidential nomination[/caption]

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