Emily Ratajkowski considers herself “as a feminist”

Emily Ratajkowski has enjoyed a “meteoric rise” after his participation in the music video for “Blurred Lines”, Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell Williams. An ascent to which she was not expecting, ” she explains in an interview with the magazine “Paper“, in which she made the cover. She thought she would be a model “for two years, to put money aside and see if [she wanted] to continue [her] studies”. Finally, Emily Ratajkowski has become a star, an actress, a business woman. Which makes it one of the dummies the most influential, in particular on social networks.

Emily Ratajkowski has nearly 20 million subscribers on Instagram. “I see my account like a magazine. A magazine sexy and a feminist”, she says. While she poses in a bikini on the beach, in mini-shorts in the street, in a thong on a jetski or naked in a bath, the young woman is 27-year-old believes that his sexy photos are acts feminist. “I think that the idea that the body that gave it to me corresponds to the ideal patriarchal, so should I be ashamed or hide it is ridiculous.” She adds : “I find empowerment to celebrate and share my sexuality. I think my body is beautiful and that a lot of other body its fine.”

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Activist, a “word” really strange”

In a mid-macho, Emily Ratajkowski uses his body like a banner. And said : “Some of the older gentlemen in high places still do not understand that this is not because you have seen the body of a women that you can’t take it seriously.” So far, it does not describe as a militant, a “word” really strange”. She says : “activism on the social networks ? I prefer not to use this word because I don’t really know what that means. I consider myself as a feminist and the issues I’m most passionate about regarding the societal problems.”

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