Emma Stone wants to “really” marry and have children

“Emily, you’re the best. A comment ?”, starts Jennifer Lawrence, with a sense of humor. She asks her friend Emma Stone (she calls her by her real name, Emily) for the magazine “She“, which the actress is on the cover of the September issue. The blonde questioned, therefore, the redhead : “I know you, but I have to ask for all the people who don’t know you. Emily, are you sensitive ?” What Emma Stone responds : “I am sensitive to such level that it is problematic. I talked to my psychologist and she told me “luckily you are an actress”.”

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For Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone uses his sensitivity. She uses her anxiety, her pain, her “demons” (this is the actress of “The Land” itself says) to play. But Emma Stone also assures that it has “frequently nights without sleep”. Since his young age. She remembers : “When I was seven years old. It is at this point that I started having panic attacks. […] My mother always say that I was born with the nerves out of my body. But I’m lucky because my anxiety also makes me very energetic.” And paradoxically, Jennifer Lawrence found her friend very casually.

“I am not so young”

Casual, currently Emma Stone is. Because she hasn’t turned in the last six months. She has taken advantage of this break to take care of it : “I think this has allowed me to take a step back, because in recent years, work has taken a lot of space. And honestly, a lot of my dreams today are personal and less professional.” Among his desires : to become a mother. “My point of view on children has changed with aging,” says Emma Stone. “I never did babysitting or anything. When I was a teenager, I said : “I don’t get married ever, I would never have children”. And with age, I say to myself that I really want to marry me and I really want to have children.”

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“It is this trick of having almost 30 years, I tell myself that I am not so young. I am young, but more so young”, explicit Emma Stone. Aging is, in fact, its last anguish in date. It will be thirty years old on the 6th of November next. “My twenties were a very exciting time and it has happened a lot of things these past ten years, both positive and negative. It is weird to see how having 30 years crystallizes your life. Instead of living the dreams that I had when I was young and have a job that I love and I made friends, I wonder, “and now, what are my dreams as an adult ?”” Perhaps it’s starting a family.

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