Emmanuel Macron football fan but also a former player

Not a little proud. It is fear to say that the president of the Republic rejoiced, like millions of French, the victory of the Blues in the final of the football world cup. His enthusiasm during the game, congratulations to the players and the coach in the end of the game on the ground in moscow and his home team at the Elysée palace , are all gestures of a passionate, a real one.

As Emmanuel Macron is a genuine football fan. He has never hidden his preferences. In fact, the president swears by the Olympic of Marseille. “Why I support the OM ? Because they made me dream ! They made me cry sometimes. They made me vibrate”, he tweeted, then candidate, in April 2017. The previous winter, during a trip to Marseille, he was awarded by his local supports, a jersey of the OM, flocked to his name, bearing the number 10.

But what is less well known is that the president has wet the shirt. While a student at ENA, he was in the club of the prestigious school in the championship soccer recreation. His position? Defender, left side. On twitter, circulated in the past year, its licence for the 2006/2007 season, with photo and date of birth.

With the exception of Jacques Chirac, who was not at all fan of football but was able to take advantage of the victory of the Blue in 1998, the presidents of the following are fervent supporters. Nicolas Sarkozy supports the PSG and regularly attends the matches of the club Kylian Mbappé. As for François Hollande, football is a passion, passed down by his grandfather. Player in his spare time, the former president participated in a game charity in 2008. In 2014, he also was given a jersey with his name (number 9), during the world. At the time, the team ofAntoine Griezmann had been eliminated in the quarter-finals by the Germans.

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