Emmerdale blunder as Belle Dingle is let into Lachlan White’s prison cell

EMMERDALE fans have spotted a major blunder in tonight’s episode.

Belle Dingle – who is played by actress Eden Taylor-Draper in the ITV soap – was allowed to walk into killer ex-boyfriend Lachlan White’s prison cell and mock him alone, something that would never happen in reality.

Emmerdale viewers were left incredulous tonight as Belle Dingle entered Lachlan White’s prison cell unaccompanied

The police woman told Belle: “We wouldn’t normally allow it Belle, but he’s put you through so much and you deserve some closure.”

“You tried so hard to destroy me,” Belle said as she was let into Lachlan’s cell alone.

She taunted him, adding: “You’re not sorry for anything but it’s over.

“You’ve got nothing left. You know the difference between me and you is – family. Mine might be all I’ve got but we love each other and we stick together.

Belle confronted her ex-boyfriend one last time while a guard stood outside
The killer finally got his comeuppance after terrorising his ex-girlfriend

“What have you got – except a lifetime stuck in here? So this is it, this is goodbye. I can’t say it’s been nice to know you but I hope you have a great life Lachlan.

“I know I will.”

And with that she walked out of the cell and left the prison.

But viewers spotted a major flaw in the scenes – Belle would never have been allowed in his cell.

One wrote: “#Emmerdale no way that’d be legal for them to let Belle to go see that t**”.

A second said: “What you can meet people in cells is this new #Emmerdale” while a third shared: “Belle visiting Lachlan in his cell just would not happen. #Emmerdale.”

Others were just thrilled the Lachlan storyline was finally at an end.

But viewers were unimpressed by the unrealistic scene

One wrote: “Well said Bell, that was v brave! It looks like they’re really rid of Lachlan #Emmerdale.”

Another tweeted: “I feel like Belle and Lachlan have had their final showdown so many times now! Is that *finally* it now? #Emmerdale.”

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