Emmerdale: Moira Barton’s horrific hit and run accident explained as she discovers Harriet’s affair with DI Malone

MOIRA Barton is the victim of a gruesome hit and run accident after discovering DI Malone’s corrupt cop organisation and steamy affair with Harriet Finch. 

The detective previously threatened to kill Moira in order to get Cain to join his dodgy gang. But is he the culprit behind her hit and run? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Moira discovers Harriet’s affair with DI Malone next week in Emmerdale

What do we know about Moira’s hit and run accident?

Official spoilers have revealed that Moira’s accident comes shortly after she stumbles upon Harriet flirting with Malone in the church. 

A flustered Harriet is quick to admit that she’s having an affair. 

The vicar also reveals to Moira that Malone has been blackmailing Cain and Will into his dodgy drugs organisation.

Later, Cain squares up to Malone and tells him he’s not welcome in the village, but Malone tells him he’s only here for his new love interest.

Assuming the new love interest must be Moira, Cain watches outside her house and despairs as he sees DI Malone sneak in.

Meanwhile, Malone gives Moira a fright and threatens her to stay quiet about his affair with Harriet.

Later, Cain gets a call saying Moira has been the victim of a horrible hit and run.

Malone breaks into Moira’s house and threatens her to keep quiet

Who’s behind Moira’s hit and run?

Given that Moira’s accident comes shortly after her altercation with dodgy DI Malone, it seems likely that he – or one of his minions – is behind the hit and run. 

Emmerdale fans know that Malone is no stranger to violence and that he has already battered Will for betraying him.

Viewers will also remember that Malone previously murdered Moira’s bull and threatened to kill her in order to get Cain on board.

But with exact plot details yet to be confirmed, fans will have to tune in to find out whether the incident does have anything to do with Malone.

Moira is the victim of a mysterious hit and run accident following her altercation with Malone

Is Moira going to die in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm whether Moira’s accident will prove fatal, but that hasn’t stopped fans fearing the worst. 

One fan tweeted: “Emmerdale I don’t want Moira to die at all next week stop the rumours about my personal hero Natalie J Robb.”

Some fans flocked to Twitter to predict that Cain will come to Moira’s rescue before telling her.

One hopeful fan tweeted: “I know someone will die after a car crash, wouldn’t it be a great moment if Cain rescues Moira, surely they are meant to be together, both are feisty and have history, makes great telly.”

Another added: “I SWEAR TO GOD IF MOIRA BARTON/DINGLE DIES I WILL EXPLODE. DO NOT TOY WITH ME. However, please give me the most adorable scenes with cain by her bedside admitting he’s still crazy about her.”


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