Emmerdale Spoiler: Eric Pollard’s injuries are more severe than he realised – will he take a turn for the worse?

ERIC Pollard was rushed to hospital in Emmerdale last night after being involved in a horrific car crash that sent him flying.

He seemed to miraculously manage to come out of it without any serious injuries. But later he fell into unconsciousness and it was revealed he’d suffered a brain bleed in the accident. Will Eric pull through? Let’s find out…

Eric lies unconscious on the road after being knocked dow

How was Eric Pollard injured in Emmerdale?

Poor Eric was hurrying down to the Woolpack to see his partner Faith Dingle and reassure her that he doesn’t want to break up with her.

Faith had been wondering if he was getting bored of her after paying her zero attention over the last week or so.

Even his son David Metcalfe thought he was about to dump her, pointing out that every time she spoke Eric wouldn’t listen or would talk over her.

Worried that Faith had got the wrong idea, Eric quickly made his way down to the pub, while Bear Wolf was making a move on his missus.

But he didn’t make it there. Megan Macey was driving to meet Frank Clayton and text him from behind the wheel to tell him she was running late. But while her eyes were off the road, she drove into the back of Jamie Tate’s car, which sent him into Eric, who was knocked to the ground.

Jamie Tate took the blame for the crash and began having a panic attack by the side of the road, before Eric was whisked away in the ambulance.

Will Eric Pollard die in Emmerdale?

Anything is possible in Soap Land and Emmerdale aren’t scared of throwing a few shock deaths in every now and then to keep viewers on their toes.

The good news is that there’s been no official word from Emmerdale that Eric’s being killed off.

Chris Chittell hasn’t said anything about leaving the soap either. And since Eric is the longest serving character on the soap we’d imagine he would get a bigger exit storyline than being run over.

So it’s unlikely that Eric will be killed off this week, but it’s looking likely that poor Jamie will end up being blamed for the accident.


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