Emmerdale spoilers: David in agony and claims he’s DYING as deadly food poisoning sweeps the village

EMMERDALE’s David Metcalfe will claim he is dying in an upcoming episode after food poisoning sweeps the village.

The shopkeeper is left housebound and in agony and is convinced he’s consumed something dodgy after Derek actually died from salmonella poisoning on Monday night.

Emmerdale’s David claims he’s DYING as deadly food poisoning sweeps the village

David (Matthew Wolfenden) showed symptoms of food poisoning last night after Derek collapsed and died in front of Dr Manpreet Sharma.

The GP (Sunetra Sarker) failed to take the pensioner’s complaints seriously when he told her he was unwell.

Only when he said he was about to “keel over” did she tell him that he could make an appointment at the surgery – but only if he wasn’t feeling better later.

Unfortunately for Derek, who was played by comedy legend Tommy Cannon, 81, he didn’t get better and when he went to see Manpreet it was too late.

David insist’s he has more than a virus and is convinced he’s been poisoned

Now David is under the believe that he’s going to suffer the same fate and is convinced he’s been poisoned too.

He tells son Jacob: “Make sure my phone is charged in case I need to phone an ambulance.”

His son Jacob tries to reassure him and tells him: “According to this the people most at risk of dying of food poisoning are, pregnant women, newborn babies, the over 65s and anyone with a weakened immune system.”

But David convinced his immune system isn’t great, he shoots back: “I’ve had cancer David!”

Derek collapsed and died in Dr Manpreet Sharma’s office
Rishi killed Derek with dodgy chocolate – and Manpreet steals from her dead patient

David is set to confront Rishi Sharma and accuse him of selling contaminated chocolates to the residents of the village.

Rishi – Bhasker Patel – dismisses David’s suggestion but things soon come crashing down.

Rishi is fearful, and his son Jai tries to reassure his dad that the death isn’t his fault but a terrible accident.

But soon the environmental health service want to speak to Rishi.

The GP missed a chance to save Derek’s life<span style="font-size: 16px"> </span>


Rishi gets a nasty shock when he discovers who blew the whistle on him.Meanwhile, Jai points the finger of suspicion at the Dingle family and their eggs.

But Rishi is soon preparing for the worst while Manpreet looks up how much Derek’s stamp album – which she has taken – is worth.

Could this solve all their problems? Or is it set to create a whole load more?






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