Emmerdale spoilers: Juliette kidnaps Carl as she plots to split Nicola and Jimmy King up

JULIETTE Holliday kidnaps her son Carl next week in Emmerdale as she plots to split Nicola and Jimmy King up. 

Juliette gave Jimmy – who is Carl’s biological dad after a mix-up at the fertility clinic – all parental responsibility back in 2016 after her husband left her.

Juliette watches Jimmy from afar

But Juliette turned up out of the blue last month – five years after she abandoned her son.

And next week viewers will see the plot thicken as Juliette watches Nicola and Jimmy from afar before approaching Carl. 

Later, Nicola realises Carl is missing but he soon appears with Juliette who warns she’ll involve a solicitor if she’s not given access. 

Juliette approaches Carl and leaves with him in tow

Nicola and Jimmy agree to keep everything secret from Carl, but they fail to notice he has a note from Juliette with her contact number on it. 

The following morning, Jimmy is horrified when he realises Carl has gone missing. 

Jimmy frantically rings the police but when PC Swirling arrives, they’re stunned to hear Angel admit that Carl is with Juliette. 

Jimmy rings the police
Juliette explains the situation and the police officer decides not to take action

When Juliette arrives with Carl, Jimmy urges PC Swirling to arrest her but Juliette worms her way out of the situation. 

Later, Nicola secretly calls Juliette and arranges to meet behind Jimmy’s back. 

Their meeting goes smoothly until Jimmy gets back early from work and bursts in. 

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw recently revealed there’s a child kidnap plot on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola as young Carl is abducted – and that Mandy and Paul will become embroiled in it.

Speaking about the upcoming plot, Laura told the media: “There’s an upsetting time on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola, who are going to cross over into the Mandy and Paul storyline in quite a shocking way.

“The audience will see that Jimmy and Nicola are being secretly watched and the couple are going to be frantic when Carl goes missing – who’s taken him?

“What starts off as a relatively small thing will turn into the biggest test we’ve seen of their marriage and their whole family, really.”

She added: “With betrayals of trust on both sides, it leads to lives being changed forever.”

Will Juliette kidnap Carl for real next time?


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