Emmerdale spoilers: Robert Sugden drops a bombshell on his sister Victoria – but how will she react?

ROBERT Sugden has got some shocking news to share with his sister Victoria in Emmerdale tonight as he reveals the truth about his court case.

The businessman has realised it’s time to tell her that he’s facing a charge of GBH With Intent, a much more serious crime than the GBH charge he’s led her to believe he’s up against…

Robert Sugden is set to reveal the full truth about what he’s being charged with to his sister Victoria

The more serious charge comes with a much harsher sentence too and Robert is looking at the possibility of life behind bars if he’s found guilty.

But how will Victoria take the news?

It’s safe to say not that brilliantly, as Robert is being charged by Lee Posner, the man who violently raped her in her own home earlier this year.

Robert was pushed to his limits as Lee tried to blackmail Victoria and even asked for a public apology over her ‘lies’.

The men came to blows as Lee taunted Robert over his attack on Victoria, cruelly jibing ‘your sister fought harder than this.’

An incensed Robert hit a retreating Lee over the back of his head with a spade, almost killing him. And when Lee awoke in hospital, he told police that Robert had attacked him unprovoked and that he wanted to press charges.

Robert was horrified when he learnt he was looking at a life sentence for the attack. He finally confessed the truth to husband Aaron Dingle during last night’s episode, leaving Aaron devastated.

He was in tears as he told Robert not to let Liv – who was in hospital after having a seizure – find out.

He said: “You’re one more problem that she really doesn’t need right now. You’re one problem that I don’t need right now” leaving Robert looking distraught as he went upstairs.

When he was gone, Aaron was seen wiping tears of heartbreak away.

Emmerdale fans believe that Robert will now either be sent to prison for the crime, or will go on the run to avoid a life sentence.

This will allow actor Ryan Hawley to exit the ITV soap after confirming earlier this year that he’d quit after six years of playing Robert.


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