Emmerdale viewers cheer as Jacob Gallagher tells child abuser Maya Stepney to leave him alone

EMMERDALE viewers broke out in cheers tonight after Jacob Gallagher told paedo teacher Maya Stepney to get stuffed and leave him alone.

The schoolboy plucked up the courage to tell his abuser to back off after she refused to leave his dad David, telling her: “I’m sick of it – we’re over.”

An angry Jacob finally laid down the law to teacher Maya

Fans were delighted, tweeting “Yes Jacob ended it” and “‘We’re over’ – well done Jacob!”

Another posted: “Come on Jacob you tell her, yes he finally told her it is over, i am so happy now, i hope he can stick to it this time.”

A third wrote: “Yessss Jacob dumped the pervert. Now she needs to be exposed.”

However, one warned this doesn’t end the drama, writing: “Maya will twist everything when it comes out and blame it all on Jacob!”

They kissed in the cottage earlier in the episode
She tried to sweet-talk him – but he wasn’t having it

Earlier, Maya tried to tempt the underage teen over to her cottage with a text message asking to “go over his homework”.

“Where have you been? We’ve got the house to ourselves,” she said, telling him: “I’ve got a very special project for you right now.”

She then began removing his clothes and led him by the hand to the sofa, switching off the football and making a crack about David.

But that pushed Jacob to snap: “He’s not some sad loser, he doesn’t deserve any of this” – brushing her off as she tried to stroke him.

Jacob told Maya: ‘It’s over’ – and viewers at home were delighted

“Stop it, stop touching me,” he said. “It’s always about what you want. I don’t want to live a lie, I’m sick of it, I can’t stand it anymore.”

He then ran out, telling her: “You don’t have to decide anything all right? I’ll do it for you. We’re over.”

She had earlier tried to manipulate Jacob into continuing the abuse and letting her remain in a relationship with his father.

She told him: “Don’t be angry with me Jakey, this is hard for me too. I don’t want to lose you.

He grabbed his coat and headed back to his dad’s
Maya was shocked – but viewers reckon she will get her revenge

“Think about it Jacob – how would your dad react if we told him we were together? All hell would let loose.

“He would never condone this relationship. He would probably never let me back in the house. His ex-girlfriend and his son? It will never happen.”

A devastated Jacob began tearing up over all the lies, but evil Maya told him she just wanted to be with him, saying: “I don’t want to give you up – it’s the only way.”

Well, it seems Jacob has come up with another way. But will he stick to it?

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