In 2018, Marianne, daughter anonymous of the Republic

For some, it has the traits of a Ophélie Winter young. For others, it is a nod to Catherine Deneuve. Some lend him an air of Lara Croft, the heroine of the video game, or even Brigitte… Macron. On social networks, all have fun and everyone sees noon at his door. A week after its presentation, the mystery remains : who is behind the Marianne Emmanuel Macron ? The one who, for a few days, is printed on the stamps and postal symbolizes the Republic. The answer came from the president : “Person “, admitted it at the end of the unveiling of the new figure. Without having a model, the work of the grapheuse franco-british Yseult Digan (” YZ “, signature) remains true to the origins of the symbol born during the French Revolution.

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“It derives its beauty from his courage, his independence, his energy,” explains the artist. In choosing a representation stylized, Macron wanted to give the image of Marianne ” facing the future “, representing “determination and femininity” with her straightforward gaze and her hair plentiful. “No hiding “, approves the head of State, anxious to avoid the controversy. Refer to figures to represent the Republic has not always been the source of consensus.

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In 2013, Olivier Ciappa, the artist of the last postage stamp with the effigy of Marianne, was the buzz in declaring that it was inspired by Inna Shevchenko, one of the founders of Femen. Much to the chagrin of the conservative right. “Image trivialized the national heritage “, according to the historian Jean Garrigues, the busts of Marianne from the post-de Gaulle sitting in the city councils will, in turn, the features of Brigitte Bardot (1968), Michèle Morgan (1972), Mireille Mathieu (1978), Catherine Deneuve (1985), Inès de La Fressange (1989), Laetitia Casta (2000) and Sophie Marceau (2012). With, in the meantime, the choice criticized the producer of television Evelyne Thomas in 2003. “Marianne” the committed “, the name given by the president in his / her version of the icon republican, turns his back to the version people. And ready, like its predecessors, to accompany the French with 943 million stamps produced with his portrait.

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