In full scandal, the response of each other accused of their fans

It all started with a tweet from Squeezie accusing some each other to take advantage of the “psychological fragility of young fans to have sex with them.” As soon as, numerous testimonies have been shared on social networks. Between true revelations and rumors defamatory, difficult to find. In an article, “The Parisian” has, however, given several names, based on the testimonials and the screen shots of conversations between young subscribers and videographers. Two of them, Anthox Colaboy and FromHumanToGod, who would have had discussions equivocal with minor, quickly replicated.

The first was published two tweets on Thursday, announcing its intent to take a lawyer to handle this story. “Everything is going too far and lot of things are mixed… I have never humiliated, intimidated, harassed, threatened, abused anyone, and today my life is dark under a rain of terrible hatred and message (sic) that is beyond anything I’ve ever read. I’m going to take a lawyer and file a complaint against all that is going to happen, I lost everything, I did not hurt anyone physically or psychologically. You can not even imagine to what point this is happening and devastating. Off Twitter, it goes to justice,” he wrote.

The second, meanwhile, recorded a video to defend themselves in the face of the allegations relayed in the article in the “Parisien” that he considers defamatory. “Here, you’re dirtying my image. You make me pass for a stalker with girls”, lance-t-il.

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Vodk, whose name has only been circulated on Twitter, but not in the media, had been the first to respond. “I see tweets where you said that I dredge girls, as if it was the thing more horrible in the world, I force people, I think not to bad. I tweeted yesterday a tweet feminist at the wrong time, and you have directly made a connection. I have a girlfriend since a year, and you me pass for what I am not, it is serious affected by your slanderous without proof. In short, I would say more, but aware of the evil that you do for your personal pleasure or envy of drama”, he shared as early as the 7th August last.

LinksTheSun, a videographer whose name has also been shared on Twitter has published his side a lengthy denial on Facebook. “I’m going to be completely clear with you : I’ve never used my profile to appeal to teenage girls, mainly because I’ve never wanted to seduce teenage girls”, he says. He says he has identified the person who would run noises on him, “one ex with which the separation has been difficult.” “This person is using of acts that are immoral to other people (actions which I have no reason to doubt the existence) to reach me by rumors slanderous. His voice takes away from the credibility of the victims of these behaviours are shameful, credibility that is already easily put in doubt in the current society, whereas it is essential,” he writes. And to add : “My name is associated with facts, shameful, outrageous, unacceptable, and people believe it to the point of threatening me, up to the threat of death. It makes me sick with anger and, let’s say, of fear”.

Cyprian calls to respect the victims

Other youtubeur to be named in this case, MathPodcast. Already at the heart of the scandal after a history of plagiarism of videos, it should, according to the “Téléstar”, to be included among the new recruits of Cyril Hanouna at the start of the year. But the latter has finally decided to pass him in the face of the magnitude of the charges.

In the aftermath of the tweet, published by Squeezie, his comrade and friend, Cyprien –le youtubeur most followed of France– had taken the word on Twitter. “I support all those who bear witness, it is essential and this is why I relayed the article, because it can raise awareness of the fans,” he said, accompanying his words of the article link to the “Parisian”. This Friday, he shared another article, franceinfo this time. “The new testimonies, I preferred to remove the article from the “Parisian”. Thank you for respecting the victims, without their testimony, some of the practices could continue,” he said.

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