Child, Marie Leszczynska, queen of Louis XV, was hidden in an oven

On September 5, 1725, king Louis XV, at the age of 15 years, wife Marie Leszczynska. Seven years his senior, she was the daughter of the former king of Poland Stanislaus Leszczynski. He reigned for just under five years, from September 1704 to July, 1709, before being stripped of his crown.

Child, Mary was forgotten in a trough and hidden in a bread oven

By this union, Mary became queen of France. An exceptional destiny that she would never know as the story of Cécile Berly in the book “The women of Louis XV”, recently published by editions Perrin*.

Detail of the portrait of Marie Leszczynska, (Nationalmuseum, Stockholm) © Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images

“Over the leaks organized to his father, hunted by the armies of saxon and Russian, Marie Leszczynska, as a child, lack two times to be killed by the enemy,” recalls the historian. “Once it is forgotten in the stable of an inn and found a home in a trough. It is then aged two and a half years, but this anecdote the brand to the point of telling it, years after, to Voltaire. The latter will discuss this rocambolesque episode in his “History of Charles XII, king of Sweden and ally protector of Stanislas Leszczynski,” details-t-it. The author continues: “another time, always on the path of exile, a domestic entrust it to a peasant. For a child to be safe as long as the enemy is terrorizing and search the village, she hides it in a bread oven”.

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Mary escaped all these mishaps hazardous and this is only 65 years old –a wonderful age in the Eighteenth century, where a number of individuals were not of old bones – that she died at the château de Versailles. It would be the last queen of France to die as such. Marie-Antoinette will not have this “luck”!

* “The women of Louis XV” by Cécile Berly, editions Perrin, may 2018, 240 pages. On sale at a price of 18 euros.

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