England flop John Stones taunted by rivals after he dumped his childhood sweetheart for pregnant lover

ENGLAND flop John Stones is being taunted by fellow pros over new love Olivia Naylor.

The jibes may have been a factor in the defender’s blunders as England lost to Holland on Thursday. A source said: “He wouldn’t be human if it didn’t affect  his game.”

Stones has been blamed by fans for England’s poor performance in Portugal
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Sources also say Stones is at his wits’ end over jibes on WhatsApp, in the dressing room and from rival players about his relationship with new love Olivia Naylor.

The pair met when ex-beautician Olivia, 30, was already pregnant.  They began dating after Manchester City’s Stones dumped childhood sweetheart Millie Savage, mother of his toddler daughter.

One football insider said: “The talk among players is that John’s personal life could have had something to do with his errors.

“John is getting a ribbing, partly because Olivia knows other players.

Sources say Stones is being taunted over his relationship with new mum Olivia Naylor
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“There were a few eyebrows raised when he was picked to start for England in such an important game against Holland.

“And his performance came as no surprise to a lot of people in the game who know the struggles he has been going through.

“The truth is that John doesn’t like Olivia and him being the centre of attention and gossip.

“And he would not be human if it had not affected his game.”

Olivia Taylor gave birth to her son just weeks before she began dating Stones
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Stones, 25, is said to have been the subject of dressing-room taunts and aspects of his romance have allegedly been widely discussed on players’ WhatsApp groups.

The source added: “Lads are also having a dig because they’re saying, wrongly, that he left his partner and daughter for Olivia.

“However the truth is that John and Millie had split up long before he got together with Olivia.”

The Sun told in January how Stones walked out of the home he shared with Millie, telling her: “It’s over — I want more freedom.”

Olivia was well-known on the local party scene and sources say ‘Olivia knows other players’
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The couple began dating while at school and she had been at his side from his early days at Burnley’s academy through to last year’s World Cup in Russia.

Months after the split, Stones met Olivia on a night out in Manchester.

A source said at the time: “They had an instant rapport. Olivia was pregnant at the time, although that did not bother John. They discovered they had a lot of mutual friends and found they had a lot to talk about.”

Olivia was well-known on the local party scene and a regular at clubs popular with players from City’s rivals Manchester United. She gave birth to a son weeks before she and Stones began dating.

John Stones split up with childhood sweetheart Millie Savage before getting with new mum Olivia
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On Thursday Stones failed to track back for Holland’s first goal — and their second came after he lost the ball. TV pundits including ex-England defender Jamie Carragher were critical of Stones’s “stupid” mistakes.

Olivia ran a popular salon close to her Cheshire home until a few months before she gave birth.

She is now focusing on being a mum and is often spotted in her new £60,000 Range Rover.

Stones played in just over half of champions City’s Premier League fixtures this season. He has often been overlooked for key games.

Stones looked visibly disappointed after England’s defeat against Holland
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The identity of the father of Olivia’s baby has not been made public

A source said: “Club officials have got to hear about the rumours circulating about John.

“He is a fantastically talented player and is always never less than 100 per cent professional. But like everyone else he is human. And he also missed a lot of games for them towards the end of the season.

“People think his life off the field could have played a role in that — although City obviously have a lot of top players in their squad. But it can’t have helped.

“Now everyone at City and England is hoping John can put it all behind him and regain his best form on and off the pitch.”

Stones was accused of cheating on Millie Savage with an events organizer in 2016
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Stones was accused of cheating in 2016 when he was with Millie. Events organiser Jessica Peaty claimed she romped with the player after meeting at a restaurant.

She said he told her he and Millie had split. Millie forgave him and Stones later had a tattoo of her inked on to his arm.

England play Switzerland today in the Nations’ League third-place play-off.

Sun Sport columnist Alan Shearer, analysing Stones’ performance against Holland, said: “At 25 he’s not a youngster anymore.

“You can’t keep making the same mistakes. You cannot expect at that level to keep making errors and to get away with it.”


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