Epilateur electric : the tips to reduce the pain

Hair removal using an epilator electric has the reputation of being painful, very painful even. However, there are some tricks that really effective to minimize the pain or even make it disappear completely. Here are a few.

The right time to use her epilator electric. The more you tense, the more pain will be significant. Choosing the right time to perform your hair removal epilator electric is therefore essential. Opt for example for an evening of pampering. After a good hot bath, do your hair removal. The heat has the advantage to dilate the pores and facilitate the pulling of the hair. On the practical side, in the event of a major event, think of you waxing a few days before. The epilator electric has a tendency to irritate a bit the skin and the blush.

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A skin well prepared before using the epilator electric. The pain of the electrolysis can be significantly reduced by proper preparation of the skin. A few days before you wax, think of to moisturize your skin on a daily basis. A mild scrub once or twice a week can also facilitate the pulling of the hair and thus make it less painful. Finally, you may not know, but if your hairs are too long, shave 1 week before thehair removal epilator electric will make it more bearable. The device has the advantage of ripping out all the hairs, even the shortest.

Good reflexes to use her epilator electric

Once the skin is prepared and the right timing, just the one you begin the hair removal. For it to be most effective, need to pluck the hairs in the opposite direction of hair growth. From the bottom to the top, you’ll avoid the ingrown hairs and irritation. To reduce the pain, keep the skin and pull it. In the case of a hair removal of the bikini epilator electric, this gesture is indispensable. If the pain is too intense, please do not hesitate to apply every five minutes of a cold water compress on the area for hair removal. The pores are less dilated, but the pain eased.

The trick : use the epilator electric frequently

To reduce and then eliminate the pain, it is essential to continue to you tweezers in the epilator electric regularly. If you alternate manual razor and epilator electric, for example, the hair will grow back, still thick and your skin will be unable to get used to the technique electric. The pain of thehair removal epilator electric becomes almost non-existent after four sessions on average.

Reduce the speed and the number of tweezers the epilator electric

Theepilator power itself gives you possibilities to reduce the pain. Thus, on the sensitive areas, consider decreasing the speed if the device supports it. It is not recommended to pluck the hairs violently on sensitive areas like underarms or the bikini for example. Finally, if you know cozy, avoid thepurchase of an epilator electrical provided many clamps. Less numerous they are, the less waxing is painful. These councils met, you will see that your epilator electric will be the ally of your daily life, and the sworn enemy of your hair !

Two epilators electric recommended by Grazia (normal use or under the shower in both cases) :

  • Panasonic ES-EL8A : a e
  • pilateur with a double disk and 60 clamps with a t
  • be swivel-90° and 3-speed. WE especially appreciate its 9 accessories to provide for : head, legs/arms, head and sensitive areas, shaving head, an accessory comb, head pedicure, Pop Up Trimmer, accessory skin protector, brush cleaning, storage pouch. Price : 119,99€.
  • Braun Silk-épil 9 9/990 SkinSpa SensoSmart : an epilator with a system 4-in-1 (hair removal, skin cleansing and skin care) and with the technology of pressure sensor SensoSmart. The device is provided with not less than 13 accessories (including a razor and a trimmer for sensitive areas, incidental contact with the skin, a hooded face, a kit and a stand. Price : 184,99€.


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