Eric Judor : “For me, Pierre Richard is a god”

After it was revealed by her duet with Ramzy Bédia and a few comedies easy, Eric Judor has taken a turn towards a cinema which is more demanding in turning especially with Quentin Dupieux and creating the series “Platane” for Canal+. However, with the recent fifty-year-old fan of Pierre Richard and Peters Sellers, still claims a share of naivety and innocence. And a taste for absurd humor. The proof with ” Roll youth “.

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Paris Match. We could call it “Roll youth” in true-false comedy, both the theme and the tone of the film oscillate continually between drama and comedy, a film of bitter-sweet that speaks of fatherhood and family suffering…Eric Judor. But I research this, I’ve always been curious to go clear of the universe that are unknown territory for me. I was never proposed a film like that and I didn’t even know if I would be able to generate it. The scenario is an emotional lift when he had to go searching for the sincerity. I was not sure to be at the height. But I’m going to be a new dad and this story of a man in family break-up that will be a hit with many children has touched a chord with me.

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Why this timidity in the face of emotion ?Because it is a leap into the void. I know comedy, I know his body language, but then I was terrified. Especially as it was the key to the success of the film. I have a fiber childlike, but I had never developed this side sad clown. Even at the time, when we were on stage with Ramzy, we always use humour as a protection. In “Drive youth”, it opens a window on the drama. But they are closing in with the humor. I would not have done without it. Because I’m not ready and I’m not even sure they want. Become a drama actor as a form of therapy, very little for me.

The trailer of “Drive youth”

Movies like “The Dalton” or “Double-zero”, we was not proud of, are those who have met with the most success.

You continue yet in the comedy a singular journey, from the scene in big comedies popular and then to a humor the most referenced…in our early days with Ramzy, we imposed a charter of good conduct, namely to propose a sense of humor that was like no other from what it was at the time. We wanted to have an approach that is honest. But it is found in the process of losing oneself in failed projects, exhilarated by the success. Greed had been the reason of our desires. At the same time, films like “The Dalton” or “Double-zero”, we was not proud of, are those who have met with the most success.

It is at this time that occurs the toggle ?We have come to understand that the audience was waiting for this famous charter of our beginnings. It was therefore decided not to do so in the future than we would like, regardless of whether it is fashionable or that it brings money or not. And the universe of Quentin Dupieux appeared to us as ideal. So we started to develop “Steak” with him.

However, “La tour Montparnasse infernal” was a nice success…Yes, but the movie has taken aback the people we love in the “H” at the television. It was a humor too offbeat. The film made 2 million admissions, but it would have been able to do more if the feedback from the public had been better. The film has become cult, but after.

As “Steak” or “Wrong Cops” with Quentin Dupieux…It was back to what we wanted to do, but then again we realized that it didn’t, far from it. Sincerity does not pay necessarily. The film Dupieux, or even “Problemos” that I made last year, have been often defended by critics, but the public is not interested.

What are your influences in terms of humour ? Something between “Is there a pilot in the plane ?” and Peter Sellers ?Peter Sellers, of course, to his side, a child lost in the world of large. Very young, I was fascinated by the Marx Brothers. And, in particular, by Harpo, the grand child of the siblings. There is in this humor of the body and the mind, in these free electrons that were nothing, something exciting. But why always cite Americans then we had the comical French awesome ? For me, Pierre Richard is a god.

This is a bit of a constant for me, I live in a quirky…

The staging you had been trying for a long time ?Yes, because there was a time when one realizes that the best way to do what you want is to control the whole production. I learned a lot, “Dalton”, a film that we had written with Ramzy and that we have seen take a turn very different from what we had in mind.

Up to perform and play in a series of pubs today for a supplier of energy…It is an exercise that I like a lot because I am both a writer, actor and director. Christopher Trunk, the creative director of Havas, who had the idea of coming to pick me up by offering me to decline the tone of “Plane-tree” in the daily life. I am proud of it, it is an exercise between the sketch and the teaser trailer for the series, which I’m going to turn the third season for Canal+. The first of which was released in 2011, but it took time to find its audience. And, oddly, I was never much spoken of “Plane-tree” that since these last few months. This is a bit of a constant for me, I live in a quirky…

Blanche Gardin has a humour to be mad, it pushes the barriers, as few people arrive there

Until you run into a project of late television show with Ramzy, a genre that has never been in France…But you have not yet understood that I do not like to do that stuff casse-gueule that don’t work ! [He laughs.] Again, it is the desire to try something different, which still lacks on television today. It will surely not in imitation of what the Americans are doing. We’re going to do to the sauce Eric and Ramzy. There will be guests, skits, and especially a show in public. It we lack. As we lack, moreover, with Ramzy. It should launch in September 2019.

You have achieved last year, “Problemos”, a satire on a very successful phenomenon zadiste on a scenario written by Noé Debré and Blanche Gardin. This last known for a huge success. Your two universes are close, non ?Quite. When I received the script, I thought that it had been written by Anglo-Saxons as he has a style really. White has a sense of humor mad, it pushes the barriers, as few people arrive there. I didn’t necessarily want to go into political satire, but the script was so funny and so deep in her that I couldn’t say no. This film and “Drive youth” have allowed me to look at the current society.

I may be naive, but I like the positivism, the one to which we have been witnessing for the victory of the Blue

Precisely, as will she, according to you ?I may be naive, but I like the positivism, the one to which we have been witnessing for the victory of the Blue. France lives in a two-or even three-speed transmission, the message black-blanc-beur is surely a decoy, but I think that all happiness is good to take, especially after what the country has experienced these last three years. Me, I take the messages honeyed, people who smile in the street. Everything may be broken in a few months as in 1998, but why be choosy in these moments ?

The younger generation of comedians is very much interested in those subjects. It is a sense of humor that speaks to you ?It is true that there is much in the societal and cynicism. I’m not part of this generation. When I observe my 18-year old daughter, I realize that the young no longer believe in much of anything, they live with death as a constant of life. Me, I want to remain a dreamer and to live the flower in the rifle. I just turned 50 years old, and I am very much into my sneakers. Less in my joints. But I hope not to be adult again for a good time. I am a naive claimed.

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