Eric Naulleau, a new recruit unexpectedly Cyril Hanouna

We know still little about the future issuing Cyril Hanouna on the Friday night, but one thing is for sure : his team of chroniclers is more than amazing. If we already know that it will be composed of the rapper Doc Gynae, the president of the French Federation of rugby Bernard Laporte or the former mep Karim Zéribiun, another columnist that no one expected is expected to participate in this programme of debates on the news : Eric Naulleau. This is what he suggested Tuesday on Europe 1. “It simmers. It’s going to boil it in not a very long time, it is not quite boiled, but we approach the boiling point,” he said, before specifying that he had to sign a contract. “This will not be a great discovery because it is to comment on the events of the week,” added the former columnist of “It is not lying” and host of “Zemmour and Naulleau” on Paris Première.

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The sidekick of Eric Zemmour, however, left tried because it has “lots of friendship” and “admiration” for the facilitator to “not Touch my position”. “When I say that I’m a tree-lined messages “But how is this possible? How can we boast about Proust and to be friend with Hanouna?”. Now, listen, I’m sorry, this is how it goes”, has defended the polemicist.

The new issue of Cyril Hanouna is expected to be released on Friday in the second part of the evening, around 23 hours. Its title has not yet been unveiled.

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