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etirement du poignet pour éviter le syndrome du canal carpien

Stretching is essential in physical training to improve flexibility, joint mobility and muscle relaxation. There are 2 types of stretching, stretching assets , for example, stretching, and passive stretches. For sports where speed, strength, or vertical jump are in the game, the stretching may have a negative effect on the performance. It is not necessary to warm up before stretching. The best place to stretch is at home, the muscles are relaxed, in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. You can do your stretches right after jogging but it is better to wait for it to be back home and be showered and changed. Stretching helps to lengthen the muscles. Stretching of the quadriceps allow you torefine thighs are too massive.

The different methods for stretch

There are 2 forms of stretching, the stretching assets to practice in the warm-up and stretching liabilities, rather reserved at the end of the workout.

Stretching active

The contraction of the muscle is related to its stretch. Among the methods of stretching active the most famous is the stretching. The stretching exercises are most often based to contract-relax-stretch; an example of stretching is represented by the following image : Contract-ease at the level of the quadriceps.

étirements stretching

Stretching in the form of stretching are practiced in 4-time :

  1. Setting in tension of the muscle
  2. Contraction of the muscle to stretch for about 10 seconds while holding it taut
  3. You release the contraction and then
  4. It delivers the muscle to mild tension for 10 to 30 s. as far as possible without pain

The passive stretches

etirements assis pour les ischio-jambiers

This is the setting in tension of the muscle using the weight of the body. It stretches the muscle until your feel a slight tension is maintained without force for 30 seconds or more. The passive stretches are excellent for releasing tension or muscle gain in flexibility but are to be avoided in the beginning of the session or before a competition, because the reaction time is increased and the explosive capacities of the muscles are reduced.

24 stretching for the whole body

A joint mobilization daily by stretching, seeking the whole body is the condition for the mobility global optimum over the entire history. With the massages deep, with a roller , the stretching involved in the maintenance of a hygienic perfect. Before entering the details of the procedures stretching exercises by muscle or by activity, we will be able to consult the summary table below; 24 stretching are presented ; they constitute the bulk of the exercises to know. They can be executed as well as a wake-up joint morning if you are not looking for the maximum amplitude as flexibility exercises pre-and post-training. We will take care, in this case, as it is explained in the previous paragraph, to do stretching exercises assets short and dynamic-based to contract-relax-stretch before the workout and stretching liabilities long to recover or gain in amplitude after the effort.

24 étirements musculo-articulaires pour tout le corps

Terms of stretch depending on the body part

The following links show the various procedures of stretches arranged by body area and by muscle

Stretching the back

Thestretching of the back and posterior muscles of the leg to help you avoid back pain by facilitating the flexion of the hip and by not requiring more the lumbar spine to compensate

etirement du dos

Stretching of the wrist against the carpal tunnel syndrome

Stretching of the wrist are part of the preventive measures in the face of the syndrome of the carpal tunnel and allow the continuation of sports such as golf, in particular, well beyond 50 years.

Glute stretch

It is essential to get the gluteal muscular and toned without taking too much volume to stretch the muscles of the buttocks after having contracted. Stretching promotes a beautiful muscle definition. belles fesses musclées

Psoas, adductors, quadriceps, and tensor fascia lata

Stretching the psoas helps to avoid blockages of the spine at the level of the lumbar while increasing the efficiency and range of sports moves such as the stride foot race , or theextension of the hip in weight lifting.étirement des fléchisseurs de la cuisse sur le buste, psoas, quadriceps, adducteurs et tfl

The adductors

The gentle stretching of specific adductors prevent tendinitis of the adductors, which is one of the main causes of the pubalgie.

The pectorals

The exercise ofstretching for the pectorals is first to press with or without the ball a maximum of one hand to the other, arms outstretched, for 10 seconds.

The quadriceps


The quadriceps are heavily loaded during the sprint, jumps, or shots during the practice of football. Stretching actfs during the warm-up will protect athletes from muscle tears serious

Stretching of the muscle chain

A muscular chain is a set of muscles poly-articular in the same direction and whose inserts overlap each other . To stretch a string it creates a fixed point where it goes away from the ends, that is to say, the feet, the head, the hands according to the exercises.

Etirement de la chaine musculaire antérieure

Stretching of the hamstrings

Without stretching the hamstrings tend to retract and limit the flexion of the hip

étirements muscles ischios-jambiers

The best procedures to properly stretch

  1. We do not stretch a muscle that ties up or even tired, or stiffened, by the training
  2. We do not carry out a violent spring time
  3. The stretches are performed slowly
  4. We do not stretch a muscle is isolated, but a muscular chain
  5. It does not exceed the pain threshold that represents the limit of stretch of the muscle
  6. It is best to stretch out without shoes to have good support
  7. Stretching must be performed in a setting conducive to relaxation
  8. We do stretches forever in a cold atmosphere or immediately after a competition

aliments et pratiques physiques efficaces pour une hygiène de vie optimale

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