EU leaders know how bad a No Deal is for them, it would be mad for the EU not to work to mitigate the risk

A deal of hope

MAKE no mistake, European leaders are well aware a No Deal Brexit would be bad news for the Continent’s economy.

Yet there is still a chance they could insist on the backstop as it currently stands — thus making a clean break almost inevitable.

Boris Johnson is determined to deliver Brexit no matter what

The truth is that politics usually trumps pragmatism when it comes to the European project.

But, with some flexibility and compromise, it is entirely possible that a No Deal Brexit on October 31 might not be as painful as the Project Fear merchants would have you believe.

Quietly, the EU and Britain have worked on plenty of so-called mini-deals, small arrangements which will mean the apocalyptic scenarios of planes backed up at airports or students being deported simply won’t come true.

There’s plenty of scope to do more.

The risk, of course, is that Tory rebels nuke the whole thing.

Philip Hammond may even go to Brussels to tell Eurocrats that he can stop No Deal, as long as they make sure it’s as chaotic as possible.

He never fails to disappoint.

Leaving without a deal remains the most likely outcome.

As our Government turbocharges preparations, it would be mad for the EU not to work with us to mitigate the worst risks.

But logic and good faith have been sadly lacking in negotiations so far.

Byrned boats

SPARE us the lectures of Dorothy Byrne, the puffed-up Channel 4 News exec who whined this week that nasty Boris Johnson isn’t talking to her increasingly irrelevant programme.

Why would the PM bother?

There should be no sympathy for Dorothy Byrne and Channel 4

Byrne called him a liar.

Then she compared him to Putin — an autocrat whose rap sheet includes invasions, poisonings and turning a blind eye to war crimes. So not quite a fair comparison.

C4’s chief anchor, Jon Snow, had to be “reminded of his responsibilities” after allegedly shouting “F*** the Tories” at Glastonbury.

Yet still Byrne thinks she’s owed an audience with the Prime Minister.

It’s hardly likely to be impartial, is it?

Of course, there’s one other reason Downing Street don’t need to put it in Boris’s diary.

The programme’s terrible ratings.

Low Marx

EVEN in Corbyn’s Labour, the Shadow Chancellor defending the activities of eco-criminals in court raises an eyebrow.

We should have seen it coming.

There is not a protest group John McDonnell won’t back
PA:Press Association

He has a history of backing the wrong side.

John McDonnell’s impassioned defence of Extinction Rebellion activists is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the lifelong Marxist.

Never mind the commuters disrupted for hours, nor the damage to the economy.


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