Euro 2020: Exemptions to Italy’s quarantine rules revealed as England set to face Ukraine in Rome on Saturday

BRITS travelling to Italy have to show a negative test and quarantine for at least five days – but there are some exemptions to the rules.

England fans face missing out on watching the Three Lions take on Ukraine in the Euro 2020 quarter final at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico on Saturday.

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England will take on Italy at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on Saturday[/caption]

Italian authorities have reintroduced mandatory self-isolation for visitors from the UK until at least July 30 due to Delta variant concerns.

But there are a small number of exceptions to the rules which allow people to waive the quarantine and testing requirements.

Penalties for breaking Italy’s lockdown regulations are severe.

People trying to end their quarantine early face a £386 fine, rising to £2,580 for those who try to dodge it entirely.

Rules published on the Italian government website list the exemptions that can be cited to avoid having to self-isolate.

They include travelling to the country for “proven reasons of work, health or emergency” for a period of less than five days.

People who can show a compelling need to be in Italy for their job, including employees of firms with offices there, can use this rule.

Staff will have to prove they are travelling for work to the authorities by providing documentation.


Italy has tough testing and quarantine rules in place for Brits[/caption]

The rules state: “In case of entry for work reasons, it is necessary to attach the letter of invitation from the event organiser and the company letter signed by the latter’s legal representative, certifying, and confirming the need to work in Italy.

“In the case of business trips of employees working in Italy at foreign sites, the exemption from quarantine will be granted to those who need to resume their work physically in the company once they return to Italy.

“The following information must also be summarised in these documents: name and surname of the beneficiary of the derogation; travel information: in case of arrival by plane/ship indicate flight number, date of arrival in Italy, place of arrival in Italy; in case of arrival by private vehicle/land entrance, please state registration number of the private vehicle, date and point of access to the national territory.”

Some specific categories of worker, like transport crew members and onboard transport staff, are also free from quarantine.

Everyone arriving in Italy has to fill out a passenger locator form providing details of where they’ll be staying during their time in the country.

There is no exemption from quarantine for people travelling by car. They are allowed to spend up to 72 hours transititing the country, but can’t stop.

England fans in Italy will be able to attend Saturday’s match, as well as those travelling from the EU or Schengen area.

A minister has suggested our 2,600-strong allocation of tickets should be given to expats living on the continent.

But the England Supporters Travel Club have confirmed that tickets won’t be sold by the FA.

But there is work going on behind the scenes for English nationals living in Italy to attend.

Fans travelling from Canada, Japan or the United States are not bound by the same rules as the UK and will be allowed to enter Italy.


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