Europe to break down on non-standard charging, and iPhones should wear brown

The European Commission lies on Silicon Valley juggernauts as honey flies, distributes fines to the left and right against Google and Apple, or threatens Facebook and some others with consequences if they do not follow Europe’s strict digital privacy rules.

It is a power to expect because it manages telecommunications understandings in a prosperous 500 million people market, and last year it abolished roaming charges across Europe. So when EU competitor Margrethe Vestager talks about phone manufacturers to standardize their chargers, such as Apple and the rest of the gang that we agreed on in 2009, better listen. It turns out that the commission has commissioned a study to determine whether and when to impose sanctions on companies refusing to standardize chargers using their electronic devices, including phones.

It turns out that the EU has to handle 51

,000 tonnes of e-waste in the form of old chargers and cables, and it is now decided to enforce a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2009 and renewed in 2013, where gadget manufacturers agree to agree on a common standard. Fast-scrolling until 2018, and Apple uses its Lightning port, some use USB-C, others are still on micro USB, and so on.

The word “study” should not make Apple satisfactory because it is the last step the Commission uses to determine how to punish those who do not follow, and at the end of the process there are usually laws that will be implemented in one way or another . Can Apple get away with just putting another dongle in the box? Not this time, it seems.


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