European Super League debacle may prove the best thing to happen to English football in years

Fixing footie

WHAT a wake-up call the immense, if brief, threat of the breakaway European Super League proved for English football.

For three days in April it looked as if grasping billionaires would wreck our national game.


Football supporters demonstrate against the proposed European Super League outside of Stamford Bridge football stadium in London on April 20, 2021[/caption]

Only the rage from fans backed by Boris Johnson, Prince ­William and many others prevented it.

We will be delighted if the Government now acts on the proposed shake-up of the running of the game by ex-Sports Minister Tracey Crouch.

Football clubs are not ordinary businesses, even if cold-blooded owners only see their potential for profit.

They are the lifeblood of our communities.

Many fans have a long, visceral emotional connection to them that some ­foreign owners, especially, fail to grasp.

Tracey’s recommendation that fans have a legal veto over their club’s name, badges and colours and the location of their stadium has merit

So does her proposed new regulator to oversee clubs’ ownership and financial structure.

The Government knows now how vital this is to millions.

The ESL debacle may prove the best thing to happen to our domestic game in years.

App anarchy

OF course shoppers shouldn’t panic.

As for the Government, though, a bit more panic wouldn’t go amiss.


The Government finally agreed that some pinged staff can go back to work with just a negative test[/caption]

The empty shelves and economic meltdown are entirely of its making.

We warned long before Monday’s ­supposed Freedom Day that the ping app would make a mockery of it.

Now in one week this blunt algorithm has ordered 618,903 people home.

This after 530,937 the week before.

Almost all of it is pointless, since most will have had two jabs and doubtless test negative too.

No economy could withstand so many in quarantine.

Disastrously, even 999 calls are being hit.

Yet Boris Johnson insists the app remains a vital last weapon now restrictions are lifted.

No, PM. The vaccines are our weapon.

Quarantining the double-jabbed after casual contact with a Covid sufferer has “little if any value in controlling the epidemic”, as infections expert Prof Paul Hunter says.

Spooked last night by our stricken supermarkets, the Government finally agreed that some pinged staff can go back to work with just a negative test.

But what about the damage done to the rest of society by its pig-headedness?

Still Rolling

THE Stones have graced the world’s stages, incredibly, since 1962.

Wild horses wouldn’t keep them away.

The Stones have graced the world’s stages since 1962 so good luck to them as they head back out on the road

Only Covid could.

So good luck to Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie as they head back out on the road.

Time somehow still seems to be on their side.

Other big acts, eclipsed by a group with a combined age of 308, may have mixed emotions.

But you can’t always get what you want.


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