Eva Longoria mom and flourished, she took a dream vacation (PHOTOS)

Eva Longoria has the good life ! The mother of Santiago relax with a dream vacation at the beach.

If you’re a fan of Eva Longoria, you probably know that it is not at all a fan of Monday morning ! For the actress, and producer, the weekend is synonymous of pleasure and moments of happiness in family she does not like the beginning of the week. But today, Eva Longoria is to the angels, and one quickly understands why : the pretty brunette is on vacation ! Since a few days the young woman, who has not specified his exact destination, we shows beautiful photo-based beach of fine sand, the sky bright and turquoise sea. Eva Longoria, who is a real sex symbol for the father of a celebrity, had not posed in a bikini, but she still has a dream for his followers.

Between the sunsets sublime as seen from the port, the early morning tea on a luxury yacht and the sessions of surfing in a tropical setting, we can say that the actress takes full advantage of her vacation. To the extent that they are well-deserved ! In fact, Eva Longoria has worked a lot these last few months, and, most importantly, it has given birth to her first child and made his first steps as a mom. A true happiness, but that is not always easy to live with, such as the young woman told with a sense of humor. Eva Longoria has even sought advice from another famous mother, and fortunately she is very well surrounded. We can’t wait to see her bundle of joy grow !

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