Eva Longoria real sex symbol ? The father of a model famous has a huge crush on her !

Since the French audience found in Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria has a status very deserved of a sex symbol. But today, it is the father of a famous model that appears to crusher of the actress !

© LOOK PRESS AGENCYCODE: SMTKDelos Beach, Greece, 7th September 2017EVA LONGORIA AND PEPE BASTON HOLIDAYS IN GREECE.Eva Longoria with her husband Jose Baston, accompanied by their friend Amaury Nolasco, are on a yatch cruising Greece.They arrived in the small beach of Delos with their yacht. They are spending their holidays in Greece, across the Mediterranean sea and they spend their time playing shovels and practising different sports like jetski, fly board, paddle board , etc. Eva shows off her figure in a tiny brown bikini. Eva showed what seems to be a growing belly, putting weight to the pregnancy rumours in different media.

Call me “Daddy” ! One thing is for sure, Eva Longoria is not ready to stop fantasizing men and women of the entire planet. Then you said a little earlier that, because of their outfits matched, prince William and prince George are father and son, Eva Longoria continues to enjoy the joys of motherhood. As a reminder, last June, she gave birth to her first child : Santiago Enrique Fighting. Good friends with Chrissy Teigen, well-known model become a presenter and tv presenter, Eva Longoria was mentioned on Twitter by no later than last Friday. She wrote : “Hey Chrissy, is that it is the hair cut official for breastfeeding ? I have the impression of having all the time in a bun foutraque ! Too hard to do anything else ! #ProblèmesDeMère #BébéBaston”

And this could have been a tweet completely anecdotal and cute at the same time if the father of Chrissy Teigen, Ron, had not responded to Eva Longoria before her daughter ! In a tweet deleted from, he writes : “one of The most beautiful women in the world, disguised or not. Special greetings from dad Teigen.” Often present in the videos posted on Instagram and Snapchat by Chrissy, the public is aware of the potential comedy of his father. But we can understand that for the wife of John Legend, this tweet is a bit annoying. To defuse the situation, she retweeted the said tweet commenting on a simple “ummmmmmmmm”.

All of this before responding to Eva : “A, you look amazing and the buns mothers are for life. Two, sorry to my father.” And because in addition to being extremely beautiful, Eva Longoria has a great sense of humor, she has not failed to respond to Chrissy Teigen : “Oh thank you Chrissy, and I love it already your father. I know my demographics !” The exchange of tweets was collected up to 7000 “likes” and allowed many fans to post photos of them breastfeeding their child and with a very nice buns. As a reminder, what the Americans call “buns” is commonly named in Europe “bun”. In the rest of the news people, an expert in body language says it all of the relationship between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Attention revelations !

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