Everyone around the world follows the same ‘seven moral rules’ no matter where they live, British scientists find

SEVEN moral rules are followed by people all over the world, British scientists have discovered.

The team looked at more than 60 populations in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Researchers found all communities agree that cooperating and promoting the common good is the ‘right thing to do’
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The study of 60 different cultures around the world found that all communities share seven basic moral codes

And no matter where they lived, all the cultures had the same set of codes.

These are helping the family, helping the group, returning favours and being brave.

They also expect group members to defer to superiors, respect other people’s property and divide resources fairly.

Research leader Dr Oliver Scott Curry from Oxford University said: “People everywhere face a similar set of social problems and use a similar set of moral rules to solve them.

“All agree that cooperating and promoting the common good is the right thing to do.”

Among those studied were the Maasai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania and the Tarahumara people of Mexico as well as Western populations.

Dr Curry said: “We hope this research promotes understanding between cultures and an appreciation of what we have in common.”

The research is in the journal Current Anthropology.


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