Ex-Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger opens up on his eternal battle with coat zip

ARSENE WENGER has revealed one of the biggest headaches during his time at Arsenal, his coat zip.

During the winter months of his 22-year reign in North London, the 69-year-old was handed a coat by the club to keep him warm as he prowled the touchline.

Arsene Wenger often struggled to zip up his long coat while taking charge of Arsenal games

The three-quarter length coat was supposed to keep to cold at bay, but if only he could have actually done up the zip.

In an in-depth interview with beIN Sports duo Richard Keys and Andy Gray, they jokingly revealed everyone wanted to know if he ever managed to zip that coat up?

Wenger replied: “Yes! In fact I managed to improve on that.”

The Frenchman did admit feeling conscious about the battle he constantly had with the zip of his big winter warmer.

Arsene Wenger reveals he knew people were starting to watch him zip up his coat on matchdays
Arsene Wenger reckons the coats were too long making them hard to zip up
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He continued: “Yes I was conscious of it because they were too long and sometimes the zip didn’t work and I struggled a lot with that.

“But in the end, because people were showing it, I was conscious I was under scrutiny.”

Wenger left Arsenal in May and despite being linked with roles at Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan has not made a quick return to the game.

But the experienced coach is adamant he has not retired and will be back soon.

Wenger added: “I don’t feel retired at all, I feel frustrated about the competition (lack of), I’m a competitor.

“There are many things I don’t miss at all, but the competition, the achievement you can do together, sharing emotions and the ups and downs with others, of course, you miss that.

“I have one quality, I don’t like to look back, I always look in front and I always try to think where is my next level now.

“The big advantage I have of my 35 years without stopping in the game is sharing what I know with other people.”



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