Ex-Brazil star Daniel Carvalho reveals he used to guzzle EIGHT litres of Coca-Cola a day as he opens up on weight issues

FORMER Brazil football star Daniel Carvalho revealed he used to drink eight litres of Coca-Cola a day.

Carvalho – who is more famously known for his spell at Russia side CSKA Moscow – put on weight after leaving Russia to return to his home continent of South America.

Carvalho in action against Premier League giants Arsenal in the Champions League back in 2006

But the midfielder put on weight, which people recognise him for to this very day.

Carvalho has admitted that his weight gain in fact came from his addiction to drinking fizzy drinks.

Whilst house hunting after joining Criciuma back in 2013, the former Brazil international was stopped by an old man in the streets asking if he was Carvalho.

The midfielder jokingly responded with “no”, which the old man followed up with: “Yeah, really, Daniel Carvalho is a lot fatter.”

Carvalho’s perceived image is one he regrets, but insists gaining weight happens to a lot of football players.

Speaking to Arena SportV back in 2013, he said: “I left Internacional when I was 19-years-old and returned to Brazil, on loan at Inter, when I was 26.

“It’s no use, we end up developing. Many people expected me to physically return with the same body as when I left.

“Without a doubt I won’t be able to go back to being that little boy who was very skinny, skinny.

Without a doubt I won’t be able to go back to being that little boy who was very skinny, skinny.

Daniel Carvalho

“Everyone created an image of me thinking I came back with the same weight, but that can’t happen.

“It’s normal. not just with me, but with most players who left and returned.”

The 38-year-old also admitted that he never hid his addiction to fizzy drinks, and has reduced his consumption of Coca-Cola.

He continued: “I know there are a lot of nasty people.

“I’ve always made it clear: my only addiction, which I’ve managed to reduce a lot, is Coca-Cola.

“I never hid it.”

His most shocking revelation of of the interview was the sheer scale of Coca-Cola the midfielder used to consume.

Carvalho admitted to drinking six to eight litres of Coca-Cola a DAY.

He said: “I drank six to eight litres of Coca-Cola a day. Now I’m getting better, I practically drink a can a day and look there.

“At 30-years-old, I can’t expect me to be as prepared as when I was 20-years-old.

“So, we have to start taking care of ourselves.

“I had some problems in recent years, which I managed to overcome, and today I arrive at Criciuma with the greatest joy, the greatest pleasure, and I insist on giving my best to try to do a great job.”


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