Ex-EFL chief confirms they held talks over hosting Carabao Cup draw in SPACE

CYNICS might think that footballers are sometimes from a different planet with all the bling and the crazy wages, but the EFL wanted to take that one stage further – by holding the Carabao Cup draw in OUTER SPACE.

Former EFL chief Shaun Harvey has revealed it held talks to pick out the names for one round on a space station, not quite about the Galacticos, more in a galactic sense.

Former EFL chief Shaun Harvey has revealed a plan for a Carabao Cup draw in space was mooted

Harvey was chief executive of the EFL for six years until he stepped down at the end of last season.

He said: “Genuinely, we opened up discussions with the International Space Station.”

Certainly if that plan had got the go-ahead it would have favoured Manchester United’s Anthony Martian.

He has hit plenty of rockets in this competition.

But the prospect of Moonchester City taking on Astro Villa is certainly one to saviour.

Orbit-ham Athletic v (Laser) Bolt-on Wanderers is one to switch off.

But Exe-terrestrial City v Blackhole Rovers would be a classic.

Pluto Argyle v Neptunecastle United has the prospect of a big upset written all over it.

Surely Earthton v (Moon) Rocksham at Goodison Park can get lift-off.

The EFL have certainly had some daft ideas, particularly since Asian-based energy drink Carabao came on board as League Cup sponsors.

One draw was even held in China in the middle of the night British time.

But the space idea is the most laughable.

Harvey says it was a popular option, undone by its viability.

He explained: “Part of all this was: could we get the draw done in space?”

In his first interview since his role ended, Harvey also revealed the most vitriol he received in a 25-year career in football was from last season’s demise of Bury.

The EFL made the shock decision to boot the Shakers out of the League due to fears the owner could not provide funds to keep the League One club afloat.

But Harvey, speaking to The Telegraph, said: “I don’t think anybody would argue that Bury wouldn’t have warranted it.

“I feel deeply sorry for all those impacted by this, and particularly the fans.”

“People will blame you because they need somebody to blame.

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“But the problem at Bury wasn’t created by the league, wasn’t created by the regulations.

“It was created by a period of overspending and the club not having the money to meet the financial commitments that it made.”

Harvey bore the brunt of the criticism and even a hashtag vegan trending on Twitter called #SHAT which some wags titled “Shaun Harvey Appreciation Threat”.

But the most venom was for Harvey’s decision to agree a £595million TV deal with Sky, which critics feared threatened a Championship breakaway.

Despite the many personal attacks on him, Harvey felt he was a force for good in the six years in charge.

He said: ““I’d like to think the league was a better place when I left that when I arrived.”

Perhaps he is from a different planet!


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