Ex-Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers reveals he is planning 20-fight MMA career but will ‘never be accepted’ in sport

EX-reality TV star Aaron Chalmers has revealed he is planning to have a 20-fight MMA career, ahead of his showdown with Corey Browning.

In May 2017 former Geordie Shore star Chalmers embarked on a new chapter in his career, as he stepped foot in the cage for his professional MMA debut.

Aaron Chalmers prepares to fight Corey Browning at Bellator Newcastle on Saturday
Dave Pinegar – The Sun

After just two minutes and 12 seconds Chalmers had moved to 1-0 thanks to a Americana submission on Greg Jenkins.

Just 20 months later and Chalmers is signed to Bellator, the second biggest MMA promotion in the world, and preparing to fight 4-1 American talent Corey Browning.

As he prepares to face the man who took out the son of Kimbo Slice, the 31-year-old Geordie told SunSport this step up is only the beginning in what he hopes to be a long career.

Chalmers said: “I’ve never been shy on about why I first came into it, I thought I’d come in, have a couple of fights and leave.

The ex-Geordie Shore star is enters his fifth professional MMA bout on Saturday night
Per Häljestam

“But I’ve given up my other career, which was Geordie Shore, for this and it’s one of those things people said you fall in love with it the more you do it.

“You see yourself improving everyday and you’re training with some of the best kids not only in the country but in the world.

“I love this, that’s all I can say and my mindset is to go as far as a possibly can.

“At first it was get a fight and just say I had one – that was the main thing. But I got the win and I thought to myself we’ll go again.

Chalmers made his professional MMA debut against Greg Jenkins in May 2017
Jenkins was beaten by first round submission as Chalmers former Geordie Shore cast mates watched on

“It wasn’t until after the third one I thought f***ing hell – I’ve said I may not win titles but if I can have a 20 fight career, wins or losses, then that would be quite good for me.

“I’ll never be accepted, the more hate than the more press coverage, so it doesn’t matter.

“I don’t give a f*** what anyone says, on Twitter or other fighters, all I care about is coming in the gym and working hard and being the best that I can be.

“I could beat a 10-0 and they’ll still say it’s a fix, so what’s the point of trying to please anyone?

Chalmers tells SunSport reporter Jack Figg that he felt more pressure for his debut than he does entering his next fight
Dave Pinegar – The Sun
The Bellator fighter hits the pads at his Team Renegade MMA gym in Birmingham
Dave Pinegar – The Sun

“I’ll just go in, try get the win and then go onto the next one.”

Before each of Chalmers fights, his opponent has done the best they can to belittle the MMA newcomer as a gimmick and not worthy of his exposure as a professional fighter.

However, Browning has not yet followed in the footsteps of the men Chalmers has previously dispatched of in one round.

With no one to trade trash talk and insults with, Chalmers has not visualised a face who he has received verbals from.

In Chalmers last fight against Ash Griffiths the pair clashed at the weigh in after previously exchanging words online
Per Häljestam
Chalmers would go onto win the fight via first round submission after dropping Griffiths with a heavy right

However, the unbeaten fighter claims he never visualises his opponent until he is standing across the cage moments away from trading punches.

Chalmers said: “I don’t visualise an opponent’s face, I visualise them being on the other side of the cage from us and we’re ready to go.

“I just train as much as I can for that specific fighter, I don’t put a face to it.

The former reality TV star holds the pads as he passes on his boxing knowledge
Dave Pinegar – The Sun
Chalmers shares a laugh with his teammate Fabian Edwards, who fights on the undercard on Saturday
Dave Pinegar – The Sun

“At the weigh-in I’m not a big believer of shaking hands before the fight, I’m not a big believer in that.

“Why would you shake a man’s hand when you’re about to have a fight with him. Do it after, just get in there face and get in there face after.”


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