Ex-QAnon believer apologizes to CNN’s Anderson Cooper for thinking he EATS BABIES and drinks their blood

A FORMER QAnon supporter apologized to CNN’s Anderson Cooper after making claims the news host ate babies.

Ex-conspiracy theorist Jitarth Jedeja told Cooper on the CNN special “Inside the QAnon Conspiracy” he once believed Cooper was among the throngs of celebrities and Democrats who would drink the blood of children.

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A former QAnon believer apologized to Anderson Cooper[/caption]

The believer once thought Cooper drank babies’ blood

“Did you at the time believe that Democrats, high-level Democrats, and celebrities were worshipping satan, drinking the blood of children?” Cooper asked Jedeja on the special.

“Anderson I thought you did that and I would like to apologize for that right now,” Jedeja said in response. “So I apologize for thinking that you ate babies. But yea, 100 percent.”

An understandably surprised Cooper interrupts Jedeja and confirms what he just heard.

“You actually thought, believed that I was drinking the blood of children?” Cooper asked incredulously.

Jedeja said he believed plenty of things while a QAnon supporter
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“Q” would mention Cooper by name specifically early on, leading many to believe his claims[/caption]

“Yes I did,” Jedeja responded, prompting Cooper to ask if there was an attribute he could change about himself.

“Was it something about me that made you think that?” Cooper asked Jedeja.

“It’s because “Q” specifically mentioned you and he mentioned you very early on,” Jadeja explained. “He mentioned you by name, and from there, he also talked about like, for example, your family.”

“I’m going to be honest, like people still talk about that to this day. There were posts about that just four days ago,” Jedeja offered. “Some people thought you were a robot.”

The former conspiracy theorists then explained it wasn’t just Cooper’s supposed appetite for blood that he believed in, but even more strange things as well.

“I didn’t just believe that. I at one stage believed that QAnon was part of military intelligence, which is what he says but on top of that, that the people behind him were actually a group of fifth dimensional intra-dimensional extra terrestrial bi-pedal bird aliens called Blue Avians.”

But Jedeja, finally freed from the theories, explained what he was thinking.

“I was so far down in this conspiracy black hole, that I was essentially picking and choosing whatever narrative that I wanted to believe in.”


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