Ex-Taliban hostage ‘tied estranged wife’s ankles and wrists with rope and forced her to have sex’ after five years held captive with their kids

THE estranged wife of a former Afghanistan hostage claims he tied her ankles and wrists with rope and forced her to have sex after being held captive for five years.

Caitlan Coleman, from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, said her husband Joshua Boyle became “extremely angry” because she didn’t want to have anal sex.


Caitlan Coleman, pictured, has given evidence at her estranged husband’s trial in Canada[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Joshua Boyle denies sexual assault, assault and unlawful confinement[/caption]

She told his trial in Ottawa, Canada, that he used ropes to tie her hands and legs, adding: “I was very scared of him so I was just doing what he was telling me to do.”

Boyle, 35, has denied a number of criminal charges for alleged offences against Coleman, including assault, sexual assault and unlawful confinement.


Giving evidence, Coleman, 33, said: “He was angry over the fact that I told him that I didn’t want to have anal sex, which was something that he expressed to me that he wanted and that he felt he had a right to have with me.

“I was feeling I can’t do this anymore. I suggested to Josh I was going to take the children and leave. I just can’t do this anymore.

“He got extremely angry. He hit me. My face. He was very, very, very angry at me, that I can’t try to leave him.

“He took ropes he kept in a bag and he started to tie my hands and legs. I wasn’t resisting him. I was very scared of him so I was just doing what he was telling me to do.”


The court case comes seven years after he and his wife were taken hostage in 2012 by a Taliban-linked group while on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan.

The couple had three children during their five years in captivity and were eventually rescued in 2017 by Pakistani forces.

Boyle is expected to say in court that Coleman consented to the “physical, sexual and emotional” abuse after the trauma of the kidnapping.

His wife said she was tricked into going to Afghanistan because he wanted to pursue a story as an aspiring journalist and added that Boyle had been obsessed with extremist Islam.

The trial continues.


The family were kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2012[/caption]


The couple have three children together[/caption]

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The family was finally rescued after being held captive for five years[/caption]

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