Ex-teen ‘sex slave’ of Prince Andrew’s perv pal Jeffrey Epstein now living secret new life in Australia

A WOMAN who claims she worked as a schoolgirl sex slave for a billionaire friend of Prince Andrew has turned “her life around” after moving to Australia.

Virginia Roberts alleged convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein recruited her into prostitution when she was just 15 years of age.


Virginia Roberts is now living in a remote part of northern Australia[/caption]

The 33-year-old alleges she was paid to have sex with the wealthy financier and his associates as she posed as his personal masseuse while he jetted around the world.

Now she has “turned her life” around after moving to the coastal city of Cairns and starting a family with her “very protective” husband, reports the MailOnline.

She now lives with Robert and their three kids in a secure gated community in peaceful northern Queensland.

Virginia, who was born in Florida, met her martial arts expert husband of 16 years after travelling to Thailand.


She now spends her days living as a typical mum, say her neighbours[/caption]

Epstein was sentenced to just 18 months in county jail in 2006


She lives with her Aussie husband Robert and their three school-aged children[/caption]

She now lives the life of a typical mum and is said to love spending her spare time in her local pub the Smithfield Tavern playing the fruit machines.

Roberts has reportedly said she is very happy with her new life in Cairns – a coastal city described as the ‘Gateway to the Barrier Reef.’

Neighbours say the family keep to themselves, with one saying: “This community is a great place for living a peaceful life.”

Roberts claims she was recruited into prostitution when she was just 15 and passed around among Epstein’s friends for underage sex.

She has described how she became a victim of sex trafficking after being recruited her from a luxury hotel where she was working.

Virginia pictured with Prince Andrew in New York in 2001


Pals say she loves a drink and playing the fruit machines in her local[/caption]


Her family say her life took a great turn for the better as soon as she met Robert[/caption]

She has also alleged she was living on the street when she was just 13, and was molested by a close family friend.

However, her family say her life took a great turn for the better as soon as she met Robert.

A source told MailOnline: “He has a heart of gold when it comes to his family, and if he has a fault, it’s that he’s almost too protective of Virginia.  But you can’t blame the guy, given all she’s been through.

“Relocating to Cairns was the best decision they ever made. She seems really happy with her new life.”

Billionaire Epstein, now 65, was sentenced to just 18 months in county jail and 12 months house arrest after he was convicted of a single charge of soliciting prostitution from underage girls in 2006.

He eventually served just 13 months.


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