Exobot : a malware that will attack your bank accounts

At this time, a new malware dubbed Exobot is now spreading on the Android smartphones, and it has the distinction of stealing your bank details to empty your account.

Pay Attention to your bank accounts !

As previously explained, Exobot is an all-new malware that comes directly attack your bank accounts by stealing your login credentials and other information required to access your money. To achieve this, it hides itself in an application, and activates when you visit your bank online. From that moment on, it saves all of your account information such as your credit card number as well as your logins and passwords.

The security experts of the company TripWire explain that the source code is widely available on the Dark Web, and it would not be surprising that many of the attackers modify apps to infect a large number of people through the app stores, alternatives like Aptoide and many others or, more simply, through APK files available on the Web.

This does not date from today, the dissemination of the source code is effective since last may and Bleeping Computer had received from the hand of an unknown person, a copy of this code.

After various checks with the antivirus publisher ESET and ThreatFabric, it turned out that it was the 2.5 version Trump Edition, the most recent one known to date before the developer stops his development. In addition, it would even be able to infect the smartphones with the latest Android version without even receiving an authorization from the operating system.

In order to ensure your protection, we recommend that you do not download APK files to be impaired, or even use blinds alternative to recover applications and games. The best is to stay on the Google Play Store to download what you need and if you think you have found the APK file of the game Fortnite for Android flee, because the game is still not available on this OS !

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