Experts say painting your baby’s nursery black could lead to them being millionaires in the future

CHOOSING the colour of your baby’s nursery can be a tough decision, and it may even affect how successful they are in the future.

While many parents opt for neutral shades, it turns out black may be key for your child ending up as a millionaire when they grow up.

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Experts from furniture store moKee say the colour of your baby’s nursery can affect their future earnings[/caption]

According to baby furniture experts moKee, a baby’s nursery colour could even influence their personality and even impact their future bank balance.

While in the past many parents followed the tradition that blue was for boys and pink was for girls, it could be wise to branch out.

The experts claim that “passionate” red can lead to babies becoming actors or artists, while you could have a marketing pro if you choose purple.

Here’s what the colour of your nursery could say about your baby’s future…

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A black nursery can inspire your youngster to earn a huge sum as a business leader[/caption]


Black nurseries were once a big no, no, however black can be used in larger nurseries with a lot of natural light.

Use sparingly, perhaps a black cot and black furniture mixed with lighter tones.

Black immediately inspires power, so if you want to develop a little business leader who has their eyes set on earning big bucks, go with black.

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Yellow nurseries can lead to your child becoming a farmer or gardener[/caption]


Want a lively and cheerful baby? Then pick yellow.

People who like yellow are usually people who enjoy living and working in the outdoors, so baby could turn into a farmer or gardener.

Sunshine yellow should be used with caution- perhaps use sparingly in a mural whereas soft yellow can be used to help promote concentration, so statement walls and even yellow nursery furniture can work well.


Purple can inspire serenity and a taste for luxury in baby.

A strong purple has long been associated with royalty however pastel purples, like lavenders help create a serene baby.

Purple is also associated with people who are very creative, so professions in marketing and creative writing are popular.

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Green nurseries help to encourage learning in kids[/caption]


Nurseries are learning environments so green is the best colour to use to help promote and encourage learning.

It’s no surprise then that babies could choose a life in education.

It’s a nurturing, soft, calming colour so baby can feel relaxed yet still engaged with their surroundings.

Green is also abundant in nature so stick to Mother Nature green and you’ll be on the right track!


Red works perfect but only as an accent in the nursery.

Look to use this passionate colour to add a splash of colour, perhaps as a statement wall or in the accessories you choose to dress the room.

As a hot colour red can evoke emotion in people, so it could influence your baby to be more emotional, passionate and to stand out from the crowd.

Babies with a red nursery could transform into artists, actors or dancers – something creative!

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Grey rooms can lead to your child becoming a writer or poet[/caption]


Grey nurseries are popular as it’s a great neutral colour to match with stronger colours.

Grey evokes intuition and introspection so you might choose grey for budding writers and poets.


White is an obvious choice for a nursery as babies are angelic and innocent.

White will help evoke neutrality in a baby, being able to see both sides of the argument in future life as they keep a cool head- so baby could be seen working as a judge or a lawyer.

Ensure that you have colour accents throughout the room and remember that baby stains do show up more on white than other colours.

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If you paint your kid’s nursery blue, they may end up as a doctor[/caption]


For calm babies pick blue. Blue promotes healing and calmness, however be careful with which shade you choose as a grey blue can promote sadness.

Stick to warm and bright blues, avoiding darker shades and you’ll inspire your baby to be calm under pressure.

Babies and children surrounded by blue enjoy looking after people, so a budding Doctor or Nurse might be on the cards.


Orange is best used in accessories so soft furnishings work well in this colour.

Orange will help create a warm, cosy feel in your nursery.

It promotes a feeling of wellness and can help develop friendly, calm babies, so little ones could choose a profession in therapy or working with children.

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Pink nurseries can lead to your child working in charity[/caption]


Pink offers up loving feelings in baby as well as calmness, so it’s the perfect colour for babies who like to throw a tantrum!

Pastel pinks can be used throughout the nursery however stick to vibrant pinks for accents in the room.

If you want your baby to be a loving adult, pick pink and they could end up working in charity.

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