Family gobsmacked after mystery Good Samaritan posts £250 through their letter box on Xmas Day

A KIND stranger made a family’s Christmas when they delivered £250 from ‘Santa’ through their door after a hellish year.

The anonymous Good Samaritan left Joseph Cantley and his mum gobsmacked after they received the gift on Christmas morning.

Joseph Cantley

The mystery Good Samaritan posted £250 through Joseph Cantley’s door on Christmas morning[/caption]

Joseph Cantley

Joseph and his mum said they were ‘absolutely shocked and so grateful’ to receive the gift[/caption]

Joseph, 60, opened the envelope to a note which read “please accept this random act of kindness this Christmas.

“This house was chosen at random and not in error. Therefore this gift is for you to do as you please. Best wishes, Santa.”

Joseph, who lives with his mum, 86, in Workington, Cumbria was overwhelmed by the generosity of the stranger.

He said: “I saw the story about people receiving the £100 through their doors and thought that was crazy enough.

“It’s just a bit of a shock really, you forget that people can really be that nice for no reason because it just doesn’t happen that often.

“I’ve had a heart attack this year, I’ve lost my job, my mum has also been rather unwell so that with covid has just been really difficult.

“The card said picked at random but it’s hard to know if that’s true or not, especially after the year that we had.

“It’s such a nice thing for someone to do, and we are just so grateful and absolutely shocked that this could happen.

Joseph Cantley

The gift came with an envelope suggesting the house was picked at random[/caption]

“We haven’t thought what we would even spend it on, we just still can’t believe this is real!”

The mother and son from Cumbria aren’t the only family who’ve received a surprise gift from a mystery source.

Neighbours in Clifton, Nottingham were left stunned after an anonymous giver posted £100 through their letterboxes on Christmas Eve.

One neighbour said they were “overwhelmed” with the kind gesture this Christmas.

Another was left “crying” – thinking the unidentified donor must have a “heart of gold”.

One family even heard a knock at the door before finding the envelope – but the mysterious gift-giver was nowhere to be seen by the time they answered.


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