Fantastic Beasts star Zoe Kravitz on the difficulties of being the daughter of beauty Lisa Bonet

PROUD, wild-haired and sexy, Zoe Kravitz looks the spitting image of mum Lisa Bonet in a recreation of the actress’s famous magazine cover.

Fantastic Beasts star Zoe’s own issue of Rolling Stone came out this month, 30 years after Cosby Show actress Lisa’s edition became an instant classic.

Zoe Kravitz recreates the sexy Rolling Stone cover that rocketed her mother to fame in 1988
And here is Lisa Bonet in that iconic cover shot

When the 1988 photo was taken, Lisa was two months pregnant with Zoe, and the picture has been part of her daughter’s life ever since.

Zoe, now 29, told the magazine: “I’ve always loved that cover so much. It’s a really striking image of her. It’s beautiful.”

But growing up as the daughter of Lisa — who played Denise Huxtable on the Eighties sitcom — and rocker Lenny Kravitz has not been easy.

The actress, best known for last year’s Sky Atlantic hit Big Little Lies, admitted: “When your mom and dad are both so cool but you’re not, I think maybe that’s where I get this idea that I’m really not cool. That has stuck with me for ever.”

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Zoe looks awesome as she attends this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party in LA[/caption]

Zoe, right, with her former pal Lily Allen in 2014

She also admitted she struggled being the daughter of such a famous beauty, who had eloped with Kravitz on her 20th birthday.

The young actress, who had landed the role on Bill Cosby’s show aged 16, gave birth to Zoe the following year.

Zoe said: “I had a really hard time when I was 16, 17, 18. Just loving myself. My mother’s a beautiful woman and I think, in some way, I felt intimidated by that sometimes.”

A lengthy battle with anorexia and bulimia followed, and lasted until five years ago.

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Zoe poses with her superstar parents, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, in 2016[/caption]

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Zoe, who plays Leta Lestrange in Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts: Crimes Of Grindelwald which was released this month, said: “I don’t think it was about the fame, but I think it was definitely about being around that world, seeing that world. I felt pressured.”

Her parents split up when she was three and the first part of her childhood was spent in ­relative normality with Lisa in Los Angeles.

The young mum had already left The Cosby Show, and had retreated from the limelight.

Zoe revealed: “She always tells me I saved her life.

“She didn’t intend on being famous, but then she became this sensation, and she was so young and really private.”

As a result, Lisa was keen to keep her daughter away from the showbiz world — even banning her from watching anything except one film a week. The choice was usually something like The Wizard Of Oz or Grease.

Zoe explained: “We had a TV but it wasn’t connected to anything except a VCR. I was allowed to watch one movie a weekend.

“I was an only child and your imagination goes crazy. These films kind of became my friends.”

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Zoe plays alongside Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindelwald[/caption]

Visits from her father, whose career was then taking off, became rare.

Zoe said: “He wasn’t absent but he was working a lot. I didn’t feel abandoned or anything. But when you’re that age and someone comes and goes, it feels like Santa Claus or something — it’s this event.”

Then, aged 11 and with both her parents’ agreement, the youngster went to live with her dad, first in Miami, then New York. Zoe’s life changed dramatically.

Kravitz, who is now 54, would show up at Zoe’s school in a flashy car, in full rock-star regalia. His daughter was mortified.

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Zoe’s role as Leta Lestrange in The Crimes of Grindelwald has grown considerably since the first film[/caption]

She recalled: “Like, ‘Dude, can you just be low-key a little bit? Just a shirt that I can’t see your nipples through would be so dope.”

He was also unconventional in other ways. On one occasion he pulled her out of school for a whole month and sent her to the Bahamas because he thought she needed some sunshine.

Zoe found herself being picked on because of her famous family — and the spotlight became even more intense when her dad became engaged to Hollywood A-lister Nicole Kidman.

The teenager formed a special bond with the Aussie actress — and in a twist, they later ended up starring together in Big Little Lies.

Zoe said: “There was a point where we were all kind of living together. I was about 13 and she would take me to see movies. She was so nice to me.”

There were also other brushes with fame — Zoe once found Two And A Half Men actor Ashton Kutcher frying omelettes in her dad’s kitchen.

Meanwhile, mum Lisa began dating actor Jason Momoa, who went on to star in Game Of Thrones. The pair went on to have two children together, Lola, now 11, and son Nakoa-Wolf, nine. Lisa, 51, married Jason, 39, last year.

But while her famous family gave Zoe a head start in the acting world, it has also made her anxious to prove herself.

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Zoe and Reese Witherspoon in a scene from the darkly comic series Big Little Lies[/caption]

Zoe said: “I had opportunities because of who my family are. But that can lead to self-doubt. I then had to work very hard to earn my reputation based on my talent.”

Until her early 20s, she had only ever landed small parts, and missed out on roles in audition after audition.

Then in 2014 she appeared in The Road Within, drawing on her own experience of eating disorders to play a woman suffering anorexia.

She starved herself to a tiny 6st 6lb for the part, and she suffered problems with her immune system and thyroid afterwards.

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Zoe and her Big Little Lies co-stars enjoy recognition at this years Golden Globe Awards[/caption]

Zoe recalled: “It was f***ed up, man. You could see my rib cage.”

She also recognises how easily it would have been to relapse.

She said: “Part of me didn’t want to gain the weight back, which was scary.”

As well as feeling pressured to be slim, Zoe has also suffered sexual harassment on film sets.

She describes a particularly “inappropriate” incident with one unnamed director who asked to go into Zoe’s hotel room, touched her hair and leered at her in costume.

This month she also accused her former friend, pop star Lily Allen, of “attacking” her.

The claim came during a question and answer session in which a fan asked Zoe about the singer’s claim in her autobiography that the pair had shared a kiss.

Zoe initially joked: “Who’s Lily Allen?”

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Never afraid to raise eyebrows, Zoe almost wears a little black number at the Heavenly Bodies gala in New York[/caption]

She then added: “If by kissing she means attacking then yes, she kissed me. She attacked me.”

As a final swipe to the British star, when asked if she had read Lily’s book, Zoe responded: “I don’t think anybody read the book.”

Zoe finally got her breakthrough in 2011’s X-Men: First Class.

Then came a small part in the first Fantastic Beasts film in 2016, alongside Eddie Redmayne.


Zoe looks stunning as she attends the British premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald[/caption]

Her character has a far larger role in the new sequel, which also stars Jude Law and Johnny Depp.

But it was playing yoga teacher Bonnie Carlson in the gripping Big Little Lies, based on Liane ­Moriarty’s best-selling novel, which really cemented her as a star.

The second series, which again stars Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, as well as new cast ­member Meryl Streep, will hit screens next year.

Zoe, who is engaged to Nocturnal Animals actor Karl Glusman, 30, jumped at the chance to be part of a female-centred show.

She said: “I knew that it touched on some really important things, and that it was a nice mix of ­parenting and female friendship, and also that it incorporated real issues and dealt with domestic ­violence in a way that had never really been done before.”

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald (12A) is in cinemas now.


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