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We’ve taken some of the best, most memorable moments from Farley Boy’s career to celebrate his comedic genius while giving you some epically cool shit to enjoy.

There won’t be any “fat guy in a little coat” skits because these Chris Farley shirts are durable with plenty of sizing options to give you the most comfortable fit. They also feature terrifically eye-catching graphics and one-liners (or epic move references) so when the eyes of a stranger light up at your shirt you know you’ve got at least one thing in common.

It’s probably the love for that Chris Farley Lejund shirt.

Shit, who are we kidding… you can’t ever pass up an opportunity to do “fat guy in a little coat.”

If that’s not reason enough to pick up a shirt from our Chris Farley collection, then at least know that there’s nothing cooler than paying an homage to one of the greatest minds from SNL’s past. Plus, you can guarantee fresh conversation at work when you’ve got a Holy Schnike mug chilling on your desk.

You can get a good look at a butcher’s ass by sticking your head in a mug…


Your head is in his ass… (I’m retarded.)

Just get the mug. Grab the Chive gear and become the most comfortable, sexy, awesome homage as our Chris Farley shirts and gear celebrate some of the best of his SNL sketches and Hollywood career.

Here’s lookin’ at you, Tommy Boy.

The Chris Farley T Shirt | Celebrate a Comedy Lejund with The Chive

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