Fashion Nova is selling an extreme cut-out thong swimsuit – and shoppers are calling it ‘weird as f***’

BUCKLES and high-cut thongs are two of this summer’s most extreme trends.

Now Fashion Nova has combined the two – selling a cut-out swimsuit with belt detailing across the front and a barely-there bottom half.

Fashion Nova’s cut-out swimsuit is definitely not for the faint-hearted
Fashion Nova
  • Buckle Down cutout swimsuit, £23.85 from Fashion Nova – buy now

The racy piece features a boob tube top and a teeny strip of material above the hips… and that’s pretty much it.

Its ginormous cut-out reaches all the way from just underneath the chest to below the stomach.

The belt stretches across the belly button, with a plastic buckle (just about) keeping it all together.

To be honest, we’re not sure it’s one for lengths at your local pool.

It features an extreme thong and a boob tube bodice
Fashion Nova

Unsurprisingly, there was a mixed reaction when the e-tailer posted a snap of the swimsuit on Instagram.

Some seemed to love how risqué it is, with one person commenting: “That is such a creative design! Love it!”

Others said: “Wow must buy this swimsuit,” “Oh this is gorgeous,” and: “Love this.”

But not everyone was convinced it was one for their holiday wardrobe.

When one Instagram user suggested to their friend: “We could get matching ones for summer,” they received the blunt reply: “Ummmmm no.”

Another said: “The whole buckle trend is weird AF” – although they did add: “But the cut of this looks so good.”

Oddly, the back may actually be more covered-up than the front
Fashion Nova

Think you’re brave enough to give the swimsuit a try?

It’s available in sizes XS – XL and costs $29.99 (£23.85).

As Fashion Nova is an American brand, you’ll have to spend $8.99 (£7.15) on shipping and wait 5-10 business days for it to arrive.

You’ll certainly make a splash when it does (although, er, maybe not a literal one).

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