FASHION TREND: Denim Panties Yea Or Nay

Princess Javier – Flickr

A family from the U.K. are getting a lot of attention for a recent ad they posted on the internet. While classified ads searching for a new nanny are not unusual, the eye-popping salary and job requirements these parents included definitely make their position stand out.The listing for work as a part-time nanny in Brookmans Park, U.K. features an admittedly “unusual request” for someone who will dress up as a Disney princess

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Susan Buck – Public Domain Pictures

The only things that are guaranteed in this life are death and taxes, and most people have given at least some thought to how they would like to be put to rest when the time comes. Whether you tell your family that you want to be buried, cremated, or turned into fireworks, we all hope that our wishes will be honored once we’re gone.But a list of “fun” behind-the-scenes facts about funerals have

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Wayne Freedman – Twitter

It’s not unusual for neighbors to get a little upset with each other, and disputes about fences are one of the most common reasons for homeowners to feud. But fueling the bad blood with a nude mannequin “party” is definitely creative, and a Santa Rosa, California man deserves credit for dreaming up the bizarre idea.Windus set up the mannequins to protest losing his fence.Wayne Freedman – FacebookJason Windus says he set up

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Simon Porte Jacquemus is a French fashion designer and the founder of the Jacquemus fashion label. He promoted his designs by having friends wear his creations until he received an invitation to Paris Fashion Week. JACQUEMUS / FacebookJust when you thought you had seen it all from fashion, voila – we have another hot trend. Meet the teeny tiny micro bag. He sent these ones out as invitations to the show. View this post on Instagram

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The View – YouTube / Senior Airman Tristan Biese – U.S. Air Force

Since President Trump took office in 2016, there has been no shortage of strange conspiracy theories about him.But the most bizarre one of all involves his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, and it just won’t go away.The strange story of Melania’s “double” resurfaced during a segment on The View Monday. The hosts discussed the conspiracy theory, which made headlines in 2017, that the First Lady uses a “body double” for some

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James Felton – Twitter

He started a joke which started the whole world crying, but comedy writer James Felton is completely serious about his love for “milk coke.”Answering a question from a concerned member of the public, Felton introduced the world to his bizarre beverage in a tweet.Milk coke is a real thing. Brummies love it. We can all move on from this discussion now, I will be taking no further questions.—

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