‘Fat’ Katie Price admits she gorges on McDonald’s, pizza, chocolate and crisps, calling herself ‘junk monster’ after piling on 21lbs

KATIE Price has admitted she gorges on McDonalds, chocolate and crisps – and brands herself a “junk monster.”

The reality star, 40, who was labelled “fat” by her boyfriend Kris Boyson, says she’s signed up to a gym but has so far only visited for the spa treatments.

Katie Price has admitted she gorges on McDonalds, chocolate and crisps and brands herself a ‘junk monster’

Former glamour model Katie said she keeps telling herself she will start her diet tomorrow – while “shoving another burger” in her mouth.

Speaking at the launch of Princess and Bunny’s clothing line in London Katie said: “I’ve actually joined a gym and a spa – I’ve been going but I actually haven’t stepped foot into the gym yet. I’ve been having spa treatments.

“Kris wants to work out with me but in the evening that’s the last thing I want to do. It’s the night time I suffer with the biscuits and the tea.

“As I’m eating my McDonalds I’m thinking ‘That’s it I’m going to start tomorrow’ but I’m there shoving another burger in my mouth. I’m a junk monster.”

Reality star Katie was labelled ‘fat’ by her personal trainer boyfriend Kris Boyson, who says she needs to go on a diet
The former glamour model said she keeps telling herself to go to the gym and start dieting but can’t resist a burger

To reiterate her point Katie asked daughter Princess “Don’t I eat a lot of junk food?” to which she reeled off a list of unhealthy snacks.

Princess confirmed: “She has crisps, chocolate, drinks milk, curries, Thai curries, McDonalds, pizza – everything junk food.”

At the clothing launch and fashion show Katie said she wasn’t against any of her children going into modelling – but their “other parent” Peter Andre isn’t so keen.

She said: “Princess would love to be a model – but the thing is this parent and the other parent, we are very different. But that’s a different subject.

Katie’s daughter Princess confirmed her mum is guilty of eating a whole range of unhealthy foods
Katie has been told by Kris in scenes for her reality show My Crazy Life that she needs to watch her sugar intake

“I don’t push the kids to do anything. Junior would love to be a presenter. Princess loves modelling and posing.

“But it isn’t how it used to be these days. You airbrush your pictures and there are lots of pressures of everyone. I tell Princess none of these people look like they do on Instagram.”


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