Father-to-be slammed by other dads for moaning midwives didn’t make him a tea during wife’s birth

A FUTURE father has been criticised as the biggest baby after moaning he wasn’t offered a tea during his wife’s time in labour.

The anonymous man threw his toys out of the pram after claiming he “felt invisible” after the midwives failed to offer him a drink in the 12-hours his partner was giving birth.

A man has moaned that the midwives didn’t make him tea while his wife was giving birth
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Writing on website Dadsnet, he wrote how it “was a disgrace and made me feel quite mad” after being ignored.

He added: “All the tax and national insurance I pay and not even a courtesy of a teabag now and then or even just like I had a right to be there supporting my missus.”

The bloke then asked whether any other dad’s have experienced the same treatment – and he didn’t get the responses he was looking for.

Instead he was heavily criticised to fellow parents who branded him selfish with another telling him to “give his head a wobble.”

One bluntly wrote: “I didn’t pay my taxes so that qualified midwives and nursing staff could be running around making tea and coffee for perfectly able bodied grown men.

“Get off your a*** and switch the kettle on yourself. It is surprisingly easy to do.”

Another said: “I think you’re perfectly capable of getting yourself a drink while the hospital staff focus on keeping tens of new/imminent mothers and children healthy.

“Personally I dropped the ego and was there for my wife and child doing whatever little jobs I could to help. I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude towards the undermanned NHS staff who day in day out help parents through childbirth.”

It was a disgrace and made me feel quite mad

Anonymous father-to-be

But the most brutal reply started like this: “2 things toolbelt.

“1: This experience should never be about you. But since your frail ego can’t seem to handle that…

“Congratulations on putting your pee-pee in a vagina until climax. Might I offer you a beverage? Perhaps a tea?

“2: If you were there for the missus… ACTIVELY there for the missus, you wouldn’t “feel invisible” you’d be too concerned with her to care.

“Every hospital I’ve ever been to I acknowledge my role as support for the patient.

“To encourage, make sure they know they aren’t alone, to help with pain, fear, and boredom.

“If I want a tea, I get it for myself. I ask the patient if they want something.

“The hospital staff has always treated me with kindness. They were accommodating, and complimentary. (Compliments make me uncomfortable)

“It’s obvious you’re somewhat of a selfish jerk. Because you take a time when your wife is in great pain, she’s scared, she’s anxious, she’s pushing a human out of her body… and you make a point to draw attention to how you were deprived of attention.

“Like I didn’t have a right to be there supporting my missus. I hope this child matures you.”

He didn’t get much support on Twitter either.

One added: “Somebody get him a cot. He’s the biggest baby there.”

Other more doting dads heavily criticised the man
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He told how he felt invisible because the father-to-be wasn’t offered a tea bag
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