Fears of ‘suitcase killer’ on loose as bodies of two naked women are found stuffed in bags weeks apart in Russia

BAFFLED cops in Moscow have discovered the bodies of two naked women stuffed inside black suitcases in separate part of the city.

Forensic experts have been unable to determine the cause of death in either victim, whose contorted corpses were discovered three weeks apart.

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This suitcase containing a dead body was found in Vorontsovsky Park in early August[/caption]

Detectives now  fear a “suitcase killer” preying on young women is on the loose after revealing there were “alarming” similarities between the two macabre incidents.

The identities of the deceased women is not yet known.

A cyclist found the latest suitcase in the Alley of Kremlin Cadets near a large shopping mall in Lyublino in southeast Moscow on Friday, said police.

The woman was naked but there were “no signs of a violent death or rape”, according to reports from law enforcement sources.

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The victim found in Vorontsovsky Park  is believed to be aged between 18 and 25[/caption]

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The second suitcase was found in Lyublino in southeast of Moscow[/caption]

She is believed to be aged between 18 and 25 and had a distinctive tattoo on her back included a crown, and also writing.

The words on the tattoo have not yet been released by the detectives looking into the mystery.

Weeks earlier the naked body of a young woman was found in a black suitcase near a playground in Vorontsovsky park in southwestern Moscow.

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A cyclist found the latest suitcase in the Alley of Kremlin Cadets near a large shopping mall[/caption]

Yuliya Ivanova, an official in the Investigative Committee,  said no visible bodily injuries were found on the corpse.

Murder probes have been opened into both cases despite police not finding an obvious cause of death.

“At the moment all possible versions are being studied,” said a law enforcement source in the Russian capital.  Some obvious matches are certainly  alarming.”


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