Felipe, king of the Mediterranean on the Aifos 500

This is not a coincidence if the king Felipe VI of Spain poses each year his suitcases at the palace of Marivent, the royal family residence in the Balearic islands, at the beginning of the month of August. At this time of the summer, fight, in the waters of the bay of Palma de Majorca, Copa del Rey. This sailing competition its name among the leading regatta of cruisers in the Mediterranean. Has its outcome, the Spanish king presents the prizes to the winners. But his involvement is far to be limited only to this ceremony.

The name of the ship of Felipe VI pays tribute to the queen Sofia and Magellan

Felipe, who in 1992, then prince of the Asturias, had competed in sailing at the olympic games of Barcelona, lives in the Copa del Rey from the inside, as he has shown again this year. For this 37th edition, it has taken the rudder of the Aifos 500. The same as his previous sailboats, new boat, from a shipyard in finland, bears the name of Aifos, the letters of the first name of his mother, queen Sofia, inverted, as noted by the Spanish magazine “¡Hola!”. As for his number, he pays tribute to the 500th anniversary of the first world tour made by Fernando de Magallanes (Magellan) and Juan Sebastian Elcano. It will be celebrated in 2019, but the monarch and his wife, queen Letizia, have already kicked off the organization of this Fifth centenary, eight months ago.

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“Although his team has finished in sixth place, the monarch is shown during all these days, smiling and relaxed,” reported “!Hola!”. And on the last day, he had the happiness of welcoming on board, the arrival of the race of the day, his wife –he kissed her tenderly– and his two adorable daughters, the princesses Leonor and Sofia.

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