Fernando Torres linked with WWE Royal Rumble appearance after ex-Chelsea ace’s stunning body transformation

FERNANDO TORRES’ amazing body transformation is so extreme even the WWE couldn’t resist making a comment.

The former Liverpool star put his El Nino nickname to shame by bulking up after hanging up his boots.

Fernando Torres showed off a new buff physique in a recent casino advert
Fernando Torres showed off his new ripped figure

But the world only took notice after announcing his sponsorship partnership with a Southeast Asian casino website.

Torres, 36, has also just been unveiled as the new Atletico Madrid B boss following a coaching role at the side.

So it is unlikely he’ll take up a potential offer from the WWE.

After BT Sport Twitter saw the pic of Torres’ muscles bulging, they wrote: “‘El Nino’ looks like he’s ready for the Royal Rumble.

“Fernando Torres getting in shape for January 31st.”

That is when the sporting organisation hosts the world famous Royal Rumble.

Obviously the chances of that happening are slim to none but it wouldn’t be the first time a sporting personality shows up at a WWE event.

Fans were wowed by the former striker bursting out of his shirt
The Spaniard was jokingly invited to WWE
 Tyson Fury beat Braun Strowman on his WWE debut
Tyson Fury made a WWE appearance in November 2019
Wayne Rooney slapping Wade Barrett during a 2016 WWE appearance
Wayne Rooney hilariously slapped Wade Barrett in Manchester

New Derby boss Wayne Rooney once squared up with wrestler Wade Barrett at an event in Manchester in 2015.

And heavyweight superstar Tyson Fury fought Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

The Gypsy King even won on his debut after KO’ing his opponent with a huge punch at Crown Jewel.


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