Fiat Ducato makes the ideal base for a motorhome — and a pretty handy van

EVER thought about owning a motorhome?

The thrill of the open road. The freedom to roam. Being able to answer that age-old question of where, exactly, does a bear s*** – then doing likewise yourself.

Fiat Ducato makes the ideal base for a motorhome — and a pretty handy van

Once you’ve decided what shade of beige you would like your all-in-one living room, kitchen and bedroom to be, you will have to decide on what van you want it built on.

Yes, your £60,000-plus home-away-from-home is a humble van, and it will probably be one of these, a Fiat Ducato.

This new Ducato, arriving later this year, makes the ideal base for a motorhome because of its enormous payload, which also makes it a pretty handy van, too. You get around 1,300kg and space for up to 17 cubic metres – plenty of room for a mattress should you need one.

OK, so the steering is fairly dull and the suspension is quite bouncy as you drive on the road. And sometimes when it’s parked up, too (nudge nudge, wink wink!).


But the main change is a new 2.3-litre twin turbo engine, producing a crockery-disturbing 180hp as well as a super slick new nine-speed automatic gearbox.

Most motorhomers will opt for the auto and I recommended you do, too, in your van.

The standard six-speed manual is a bit notchy, particularly in the lower gears, whereas the automatic is fast, smooth and comfortable.

On the outside, there’s the usual new grille and headlights that come with any revamped van and inside you’ll now get Apple or android phone connectivity as well as a touchscreen of up to 7in.

There are no tea-making facilities and definitely nowhere to visit the loo. For that you’ll have to fork out a lot more than the £24,670 start price, or make do with a Thermos and a plastic bag.



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