Fiendishly tricky autumn-themed brainteaser asks you to spot the hedgehog among the leaves – but can you find it?

WITH the weather getting windier and the days growing ever shorter, it’s clear to see that autumn has most definitely begun.

That’s right – it’s that time of year where the trees are changing colour, and the perfect opportunity to curl up with a puzzle.

247 blinds

Can you spot the hedgehog hidden in this autumnal scene?[/caption]

Online blinds retailer 247 Blinds has hidden a wholesome hedgehog, acting as one of autumn’s cutest creatures, in one of its leafy roller blind designs.

The image is made up of a colourful array of acorns and leaves, whilst a spiky smile hides within the captivating design.

If your brain is still in summer holiday mode and is struggling to find the little guy, all will be revealed below.

Scroll down for the solution but no cheating!

247 blinds

If you look at the bottom of the image in the centre you should spot the little guy disguised as a pine cone[/caption]

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